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[TF-DI] Minutes for June 24th meeting

From: Soumya Kanti Datta <Soumya-Kanti.Datta@eurecom.fr>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 22:20:05 +0200
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The minutes for the last meeting is below.


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[12:23] <Soumya> invite trackbot
[12:24] <Soumya> trackbot, start meeting
[12:24] * trackbot is preparing a teleconference.
[12:24] <@trackbot> RRSAgent, make logs public
[12:24] <@trackbot> Zakim, this will be
[12:24] <@trackbot> Meeting: Web of Things Interest Group Teleconference
[12:24] <@trackbot> Date: 24 June 2015
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[12:34] <Soumya> invite rrsagent
[12:36] <dsr> Meeting: Discovery Task Force
[12:37] <dsr> Chair: Soumya
[12:37] <dsr> Soumya shows the wiki page for the discovery task force
[12:38] <dsr> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Discovery_TF
[12:39] <dsr> Soumya thanks Dave for adding the section on simplifying  
[12:39] <dsr> Our first session will be on the Physical Web, but Scot  
has yet to dial in.
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[12:39] <dsr> Soumya invites Dan to present the discovery use cases.
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[12:41] <dsr> Topic: Discovery Use Cases
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[12:41] <dsr> Dan presents some slides (to be made available on the  
discovery wiki later)
[12:42] <dsr> The IETF has worked on the management of networks with  
constrained devices. 2 RFCs, RFC7547, and RFC7548 (use cases).
[12:43] <dsr> This was done without creating an IETF WG and went under  
the term CONMAN
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[12:44] <dsr> A final phase of work under the OPSA WG for broader  
community exposure
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[12:46] <dsr> Definition of constrained devices from RFC7228. C0, C1 and C2
[12:46] <DanhLePhuoc> present+ DanhLePhuoc
[12:46] <dsr> C0 RAM << 10 HB, FLash << 100 KB
[12:47] <dsr> C1 RAM << 10KB, Flash < 100 KB
[12:47] <dsr> C2 RAM << 50 KB, Flash ~ 250 KB
[12:47] <jhund_phone> rrsagent, draft minutes
[12:47] * dsr notes that IRC wouldn’t allow us to invite rrsagent
[12:48] * dsr so will scrape logs into an email
[12:48] * jhund_phone ok, sorry
[12:48] <dsr> List of requirements for network management mechanisms
[12:49] <Soumya> rrsagent, draft minutes
[12:49] <dsr> RFC7578 has 10 use cases including environmental  
monitoriing, and infrastructure monitoring
[12:50] <dsr> [We have about 13 people on the call]
[12:52] <dsr> Discovery is left to specific lower level approaches,  
e.g. mDNS, UPnP, CoAP
[12:54] <dsr> Infrastructure monitoring includes industry and economic  
infrastructure, allowing for early detection of problems and so forth
[12:56] <dsr> Further use case for industrial applications and energy  
[12:56] <dsr> The former includes automated process control, asset  
management, smart sensors and so forth.
[12:57] <dsr> The latter includes smart grids and smart meters
[12:57] <dsr> Use cases for medical applications and building automation
[12:58] <dsr> Medical includes remote health monitoring, and requires  
the need for robust fault detection
[12:59] <dsr> For buildings, the aim is to control mechanical,  
electrical and environmental aspects (e.g. HVAC)
[12:59] <dsr> Use cases for home automation and transport applications
[13:01] <dsr> Additiona use cases for community network applications  
and field operations
[13:02] <dsr> The latter is for rescue and security agencies e.g. for  
emergencies and disaster relief
[13:03] <dsr> Dan ask for questions
[13:04] <dsr> Dave: thanks for an interesting presentation. To  
progress our work on discovery, we will need some more detailed use  
[13:05] <dsr> Dan agrees and talks about some ways to achieve this
[13:05] <dsr> Soumya asks Dan to add a section into the discovery wiki  
to summarise what he has learned
[13:06] <dromasca> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7252#section-7
[13:06] <dsr> Action: Dan to add a section into the discovery wiki on  
the IETF work on RFC7578
[13:06] * trackbot is creating a new ACTION.
[13:06] <@trackbot> Created ACTION-10 - Add a section into the  
discovery wiki on the ietf work on rfc7578 [on Dan Romascanu - due  
[13:07] <dsr> Dan: service discovery and capability discovery, and  
their relation to different layers in the abstraction stack
[13:09] <dsr> Soumya asks Dan if he can present on the graph of things  
now or in the next call?
[13:09] <dsr> Dan: the next call
[13:10] <dsr> Topic: Technology Landscape
[13:10] <dsr> Soumya: I have been studying low level protocols, e.g.  
mDNS and UPnP
[13:11] <dsr> Different archtectures, e.g. centralised vs distributed
[13:12] <dsr> The CoAP protocol allows you to query a server for the  
list of resources that server knows about
[13:12] <dsr> Soumya asks for input
[13:13] == hamish [~hamish@public.cloak] has joined #wot-di
[13:13] <dsr> Dave: different techniques are appropriate for different  
contexts, we need to understand why particular techniques are used and  
how to relate this to the web of things
[13:14] <dsr> Dan?:  the basic principles are to some extent protocol  
[13:16] <dsr> Dave: in some cases, devices register with an agent that  
you can query to find out about the resources that the devices host.
[13:16] <dsr> This requires us to define how to express communications  
metadata relating to how to access such resources.
[13:17] <dsr> Soumya asks for volunteers to give presentations on mDNS  
and UPnP
[13:17] <dsr> [Dave notes that there are 13 people on the call]
[13:19] <dsr> Soumya: we have a lot of open questions in the wiki,  
which should we address first?
[13:20] <dsr> Present: Dave Raggett, Soumya, Arne, Beny, Dan Romasanu,  
Danh le Phouc,, Daniel Peinter, ark Anicic, Stephanie Rieger, plus  
three anonymous callers
[13:20] <dsr> s/ark/Darko/
[13:21] <dsr> Danh: there is a much wider range of use cases
[13:22] <dsr> Soumya invites Danh to add them to the wiki page
[13:22] <dsr> Soumya: we’re planning a joint call with the thing  
description task force for July 8.
[13:23] <dsr> Soumya: I will try to contact Scott @ Google to  
rearrange his presentation
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