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Re: Welcome to public-wiki-dev@w3.org, Introduction

From: Markus Krötzsch <mak@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 20:30:50 +0200
To: Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>
Cc: public-wiki-dev@w3.org
Message-Id: <200710172031.04076.mak@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de>

I am a member of the RIF and OWL working groups. My relationship with wikis 
mainly stems from my activity as the main developer/maintainer of the 
Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) extension [1] for getting metadata into and out of 
MediaWiki, and at least formally I am also a MediaWiki developer (I can 
commit to the MW trunk). We have been using a lot of wikis in Karlsruhe for 
quite some time now, both for our group intranet and for several community 
sites (now mainly ontoworld.org, which is also the wiki used for all recent 
semantic web conferences [E|I|A]SWC). I am also experimenting semantic wikis 
for non-collaborative website management, e.g. on my homepage [2] (all 
publication lists are generated by semantic queries, all data is available in 

Re migration: we have once migrated from SnipSnap to MediaWiki, and worked 
with categories to "tag" imported pages for manual cleanup.

-- Markus

[1] http://ontoworld.org/wiki/SMW
[2] http://korrekt.org

On Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> I've just asked for this new mailing list to be created and took the
> liberty of subscribing you.
> The stated purpose of this list:
>      This list is for talking about the development (installation,
>      configuration, customization, and extension) of wikis at W3C for
>      W3C groups, including wiki-related tools. Administrative requests
>      (eg for a new wiki) and such should still go to sysreq@w3.org.
>          -- http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wiki-dev/
> Perhaps we can each say a few words about who we are and what we have in
> mind here....
> I'll start:
> I'm the staff contact for the RIF and OWL Working Groups.  RIF's been
> using MoinMoin heavily for two years now [1], including generating its
> TRs out of the wiki, using wiki-tr [2], which I wrote.  OWL has just
> started, and plans to do the same, but since it's new it was able to
> just use MediaWiki [3].   With Alan Ruttenberg's help I think the setup
> is pretty good.   See the scribe-output in the wiki [4], although that
> process is not fully automated at this point.
> I got involved with Wikis as we were installing MoinMoin, back in 2003,
> and did a lot of work with it for a few months before I lost interest
> [5].  I'm currently pretty excited about MediaWiki.
>        -- Sandro
> [1] http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/TitleIndex
> [2] http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/UCR
> [3] http://www.w3.org/2007/OWL/wiki/Special:Allpages
> [4] http://www.w3.org/2007/OWL/wiki/Teleconference.2007.10.10/Minutes
> [5] http://esw.w3.org/topic/MoinMoinToDo?action=info

Markus Krötzsch
Institut AIFB, Universät Karlsruhe (TH), 76128 Karlsruhe
phone +49 (0)721 608 7362        fax +49 (0)721 608 5998
mak@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de        www  http://korrekt.org

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