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Re: [whatwg] <audio> metadata

From: Delfi Ramirez <delfin@segonquart.net>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2017 03:01:17 +0200
To: Roger Hågensen <rh_whatwg@skuldwyrm.no>
Message-ID: <23e7305559bfaeb007060acd4cada013@correoweb.segonquart.net>
Cc: whatwg@lists.whatwg.org
Hi Roger, hi all: 

My fault WPI, was horrendous mistake due to the keyboard, and other
thingsin mind : WIPO, I meant. 

here below the info to avoid future re-works in the API and teh <audio>
tag, if it helps. 

 	* WIPO stands for _World Intellectual Property Organization_, and the
IP acronym for them, mean _royalties. _Speaking in our technical terms,_

 	* http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2015/02/article_0001.html 
 	* The international legal rule is featured in the Article 15  of the
treaty : 


I did not want to be rude, neither to pray for extra efforts by the team
at WHATWG. just put in common knowledge , based on my past personal (
say vane ) professional experience. 

Jut three final observations to serve and to help 

 	* Length: Five seconds MAY be the minimum legal.

 	* (5") Five seconds of 'stolen' / Ring sounds that are digitised audio
files/Different mixes/edits seconds/et cetera of <audio> is the minimum
for a wannabe-lawyer to go to court.. Please, keep this fact in mind.

 	*  Meta-Data: Following the indications of the WIPO ( focusing on a
World Wide Web service ) that now, services like Pandora are not allowed
to stream ( are de facto banned ) in earth places like Africa, Europe,
or The East. May it be due to not meet the legal requirements.  Because
of, sadly, streaming besides the neutrality of the technique is a unique
sales channel.
 	* IRSC: "_The MP3 format does allow rights management information like
ISRC to be included however it is rarely used. What is used is the ID3
system of tags, which is not part of the international standard, but
does enable ISRC to be encoded. It is therefore recommended that an ISRC
be encoded into the ID3 tag._" Uh. 
 	* <audio>  files may not just to streaming songs or bleeps, but to
scientific talks and college conferences. which may be radio live
 	* Thus, the (Title - Author) binomial proposed, in this clear need,
does not works.

just mumbling 



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On 2017-04-15 20:21, Roger Hågensen wrote:

> On 2017-04-15 14:00, Delfi Ramirez wrote: 
>> Some information that may be of use, concerning to the WPI rules for
>> royalties et al in <audio> files.
> I have no idea what/who WPI is.
> But StreamLicensing.com (which has a deal with ASCAP/BMI/SESAC/SoundExchange)
> Only require artist and title, and that artist and title is viewable by the listener.
> One of the PROs (Performance Royalty Organization) did want album but waived that requirement.
>> Meta elements required
>> * Title : 100%
>> * Artist ( Interpreter): 12%
>> * Time: lenght of the <audio> piece. Royalties are assigned by time
>> sequences.
>> * Year: (_Objective Reason: It use to happen that some__ <audio> files
>> have the same name, thus causing a mistake in the attribution to the
>> artist as it happen in the past_)
>> * Composer: 20%
>> * Arrangements: 20%
>> * Producer: 40%
> Artist and title is always required. But I assume that by title you the field itself as in it being "Some Artist - Some Song" where spacedashspace (" - ") is a separator for artist and title.
> As to length, any listened time longer than 30 seconds is counted, and I forge the max time.
> You also forgot about mentioning ISRC which is a globally unique identifier for tracks, radio stations may use ISRC when sending in performance logs.
> I'm not sure a end listener would need all this meta data though, such info should be logged separately by the radio station or by the streaming server itself.
> The listener would only be interested in (minimum) artist and title, album, year and artwork being a bonus. And lyrics being a nice surprise.
> Although I'd argue that artist and title (+ album and year) could be used to fetch artwork and lyrics using XHR upon user interaction instead.
> I'm not going to comment further on the royalty stuff as this is weering quite off-topic now.
> -- 
> Roger Hågensen,
> Freelancer, Norway.

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