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Re: [whatwg] PSA: Chrome ignoring autocomplete="off" for Autofill data

From: Roger Hågensen <rescator@emsai.net>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 06:03:10 +0100
Message-ID: <54658D0E.4030108@emsai.net>
To: whatwg@lists.whatwg.org
On 2014-11-14 04:30, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> (Trimming for time and to avoid exploding the thread.  Others can 
> respond to the rest if they like.)
>     No it's inherently correct for the use case as listeners tend to
>     enter things like:
>     "Could you play Gun's'Rose?"
>     "Love you show, more rock please?"
>     "Where are you guys sending from?"
> (You said "would probably not request the same bunch of songs over and 
> over", and now you're replying as if you said something completely 
> different.)

What do you mean?

"Where are you guys sending from?"
"WSP please."
"WASP please."

If the listener presses "W" all those are suggested.
I'm not sure if you have ever seen how listeners type but but there is a 
lot of weird things and miss-spellings.

This is getting more off topic but... have you ever typed wrong and now 
the autocomplete keeps listing your wrong spelling every time? And the 
only way to fix it is to nuke all your data, there is no way to 
edit/control the auto suggest data in a browser.

>> autocomplete they can just use textarea.
>> Are you going to enforce autocomplete="on" for textarea now?
> I'm not worried about that at all.  When autocomplete doesn't happen,
> people blame the browser (most people aren't web authors and don't know
> this is the web page's fault).  When text entry is glitchy because the page
> used a textarea or other ugly hacks, it's the web page that looks bad.
> That's its own deterrant.

And what about Webchat clients? What should for example a Websocket 
based chat client use for it's text input then?
input type="text" autocomplete="off" makes sense in that case, using a 
text area does not make sense, you have to catch the pressing of the 
enter key for example as textarea can not trigger a onsubmit event.

At the very least allow autocomplete="off" to still work on type="text" 
or simply make a new type="chat" where it can be set to off.

"When autocomplete doesn't happen, people blame the browser"
Yes and so do I when I have to dig into the bowls to force the darn 
thing off, I prefer to have autocomplete off for password fields as it 
helps train my memory into remember the myriad of passwords I use around 
the net.
And now it's gonna autosuggest my passwords by default?
Over the years I've been more annoyed with autocomplete being on than 
off, so I'm totally in reverse to how you are annoyed, but I'm not 
advocating getting rid of it because of that.

It's annoying enough with websites informing me the website is using 
cookies, again and again and again.
Same thing with "Would you like to remember this password?" and I click 
never. And then the next time I'm asked again, and again.

If autocomplete="off" is going to be ignored and it'll always be on form 
now on then remove it from the specs fully,
but at the very least create another spec that ensures a user can choose 
which sites and fields should and should not have autocomplete, leave it 
in the hands of the users, I'd be happy with that.

Also the autocomplete list grows pretty big eventually, how do you clear 
it then? Some stuff like my email I might want to have autocomplete for 
but not other inputs (like a "Subject" field in a contact form), but to 
clear that I'll have to clear all the autocomplete stuff.

If you can address my concerns or point out where how I can handle all 
this stuff then I'll be satisfied.
But if the browser do not let me control my autocomplete then at least 
I'd want the web form to be able to do so, at least there the web 
developer might just have provided the option to toggle it unlike the 

Take Chrome 38, i settings. Hidden behind "Show advanced settings..." 
under "Privacy" I'll find a button "Clear browsing data...".
Clicking that I see a window and in it is a checkbox with "Autofill form 
data" as it's label.
I have the option of clearing all form, autocomplete data or not at all.

I'd rather have it a toggleable in the input field context menu and 
while at it a clear suggestions option for that field.
Add that and I'll happily see autocomplete="off" and autocomplete="on" 
vanish from the spec, but not before.

There is no granularity in the browser settings for 
With autocomplete="off" and "on" there is at least some granularity (but 
obviously flawed otherwise this would be a non-issue).

Also would a compromise be possible temporarily at least? Like 
autocomplete="off" working only for input type="text" ?

Roger "Rescator" Hågensen.
Freelancer - http://www.EmSai.net/
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