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[whatwg] Html5 Parser Tree Construction Stage

From: Mohammad Al Houssami (Alumni) <mha53@mail.aub.edu>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 10:02:24 +0000
To: "whatwg@whatwg.org" <whatwg@whatwg.org>
Message-ID: <0F8BA5A0576A5F44B0D188C2628265DA406E7E9F@DBXPRD0611MB559.eurprd06.prod.outlook.com>
Hello All,

I am building an HTML5 parser according to the specs on the whatwg website. I am currently in the tree construction stage and it seems to be so complex to have a general view of what is happening by reading the specs or at least know what things are needed ( like node types element types and the variables of each..) Is there any place where these things are listed or maybe an explanation of the tree construction stage that explains what is happening during in a general view?

Any help is much appreciated :)
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