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Re[2]: Milestone

From: Futomi Hatano <futomi.hatano@newphoria.co.jp>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 15:13:17 +0900
To: 현욱 <whyun@etri.re.kr>
Cc: "<public-websignage@w3.org>" <public-websignage@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20121128151316.1DFE.17D6BAFB@newphoria.co.jp>
On Wed, 28 Nov 2012 05:26:37 +0000
현욱 <whyun@etri.re.kr> wrote:

> > * Web-based Signage Best Practices
> > We agreed making "Web-based Signage Best Practices" at TPAC.
> > But we have not decided what it is. The purpose, scope, etc.
> > First of all, we have to discuss about that.
> > So I'd like to decide the purpose and scope of this document
> > by February 2013. 
> agreed. how about you propose tentative scope and objectives of this document. 
> It will be helpful to startup if there is base material. 

I'll prepare tentative scope and objectives of this document.
Give me some time.

> > Eventually, I'd like to develop a demo based on this document.
> I'm look forward to see your demo. Is it possible to take a look that demo remotely?

Absolutely yes because it's WEB :)
The aim of the demos is to prove the feasibility of Web-based Signage.


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Futomi Hatano
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