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Re: [webrtc-pc] Permission API for receive-only media and data use cases (#2175)

From: Lennart Grahl via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2019 09:46:03 +0000
To: public-webrtc-logs@w3.org
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> The only chance is the website to guide me through accepting this permission. Should they do that upfront (bad for privacy) or just when I have an issue (bad for UX)?

That depends on the use case. There are [three examples in the proposal](https://pr-preview.s3.amazonaws.com/lgrahl/webrtc-pc/pull/2175.html#directconnectionpermission-example*). 
Guiding the user may be necessary, yes. (It would be interesting to have a web API that helps in guiding but that is out of scope for this proposal.)

> What is 'direct-connection'? What am I revealing?

What a *direct connection* means and reveals probably needs to be explained by the UI. There could be a help icon next to *Direct Connection* in the screenshot presented above. But that is just an idea. 

As a reminder: We already have an implicit *direct connection* permission mechanism due to the privilege escalation of `getUserMedia`. We have just avoided explaining it to the user so far by hiding it behind that mechanism... which has always been controversial.

> If I am disallowing the 'direct-connection', does it mean I only allow TURN candidates?

There is no *rejection*/*downgrade* mechanism, so the question whether *denial* would mean only allowing TURN candidates does not arise.
I'm open for a more fitting name if there is one that would not cause such confusion and still explains what it is.

> Are there plans to design and implement such kind of heuristics?

To whom is this question directed? User agents or applications?
User agents: No idea but I dislike such kind of implicit magic if not controlled by the application.
Applications: Well, I would use it. Not if on relay candidates but if on anything worse than or equal to server reflexive candidates. In fact, this is the [first example of the API](https://pr-preview.s3.amazonaws.com/lgrahl/webrtc-pc/pull/2175.html#upgrade-connection).

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