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Content for 3 Landing Pages

From: Jen Simmons <jen@jensimmons.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:18:39 -0500
Message-ID: <CAB0bRKPoBO9+pFw0Kv7Z=q8yPZfbr3x0QGqvqdHzaLp3BR8h+Q@mail.gmail.com>
To: List WebPlatform public <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Hi all,

I've written up a list of content for each of three landing pages. I'd love
to get feedback, and then I'll start creating prototypes of a design of
these three pages.

I'm thinking really we want three new pages —

1) Main site home page, just the most important highlights / introduction

2) Docs home page, to get more in-depth on presenting the Docs

3) Get Involved page, to be a one-stop place for fully understanding how to
join us

Here's proposed content for each:

*Top-Level Landing page (Main home page)*


Introductory paragraph, why this is awesome

Video explaining project

*There’s Web Platform Information Here for You:*

What’s the “web platform”

List of resources (ones that are ready)

(with not-ready resources listed as well, greyed-out)

*We Need Help! You Can Join Us!:*

Invitation to contribute to the project

Explanation of the kinds of help that are needed, who’s qualified

Who’s already involved

Big Link to the next step / more info

*We Are Active / Here’s the latest:*

Recent Blog posts:

news, announcements, roundup of past doc sprint events

accomplishments, updates, thanks to people

what’s up next, where’s the momentum, what needs help most

Highlight most recently-finished sections of the site with credit to people

Upcoming events you can attend, doc sprints

List of Recent Listserv threads, invite to join the list

 *___________ *

*Docs Landing page*

*What This Is*

What “Web Platform” Means

These Are Reference Documents for Web Developers

 *Here’s What’s Here*

Clear map of whole picture, what’s available

Links to sections:


[insert list]

[with not-ready greyed ones out]

 *Hey, You Can Help Make This Better*

a small bit about where this content comes from

inviting people to help

Clear Link to find out more


*Get Involved Landing page*

What kind of help that’s needed

Who is welcome / qualified to join

Any committees or groups that exist(?)

Projects that are underway / current focus

Step-by-step How To Get Involved

 (1) —> (2) —> (3) —> (4)

 (something that will be helpful at sprints too

where people can start by following that on their own to get setup)

How We Work Together

Where to find us, how to communicate.

Who’s who. Who to reach out to.

Links to info on where we are at & going next. Notes of past meetings, etc.

Understand this website

gateway to behind-the-scenes documentation of the process of making this

organized links to stuff people might want to read — charter, pillars,

Are you a Spec maintainer? Here’s how to use WPD / get your spec documented


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