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Re: Conference today: content architecture

From: Julee Burdekin <julee@adobe.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 10:50:06 -0800
To: Randy Nielsen <ranielse@adobe.com>, Chris Mills <cmills@w3.org>
CC: "public-webplatform@w3.org" <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CCDB9B1D.37978%julee@adobe.com>
Thanks much, Randy! And here's the summary. Please review and send me
corrections before Tuesday.

==Agenda 2012-11-28==


===Topics discussed===

* We asked editors to review, update, address content bugs in the bug
* We pointed out the new task roadmap:
http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Task_Roadmap, and related email, and
asked for comments. It's a high-level view that's very readable. Editing
it (e.g.: adding columns) might be a bit tricky.
* We discussed the need for a project management system and a program
manager to ensure content tasks are triaged. WPD:Most_Wanted_Tasks isn't
working and we need motivational leaders and tools.
* We continued discussion on creating API pages, focusing on exceptions to
the guidelines (WPD:Creating_API_pages).
  ** What to do for API that add members to an existing interface. For
example, CSS Regions includes a new member in the Document interface -
keep it with the API or the existing interface? Probably in both. But
where does canonical page reside?
  ** What to do with lots of little bits of information, for example SVG
attribute values or the HTML type element? For data modeling purposes, it
might be best to create separate pages for each and then include them in
the main page. What is best for folks importing, managing content? For the
* We need to change the meeting time.


* We will use bug base for tracking content areas that need to be created,
such as DOM ranges.
* Until project management for whole project is resolved, we will call out
high-level direction on WPD:Task_Roadmap and track specific content issues
in bug base.
* We will file content bugs on any additional open issues with the API.

===Action items===

* chrismills to set up a Doodle poll for next meeting times.
* garbee to write guidelines on creating content bugs.
* julee to write down (in bug creation guidelines) what issues go where
(Bugzilla vs. WPD:Task_Roadmap, WPD:Most_Wanted_Tasks,
Special:WantedPages, WPD:Getting_Started, etc.)
* Alex to write up a description of the project manager's role.
* All: review this summary to ensure accuracy.

===Proposed next discussion topics===

Address any open issues with concepts and tutorials pages.


Much appreciated!


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From: Randy Nielsen <ranielse@adobe.com>
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:41 AM
To: Chris Mills <cmills@w3.org>, julee <julee@adobe.com>
Cc: "public-webplatform@w3.org" <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Subject: RE: Conference today: content architecture

>Here are the notes from today's WPD Content Architecture meeting. Please
>let me know if I got anything (particularly anyone's name) wrong; I'm
>still new to the group.
>[12:06pm] jrunrandy: Webplatform.org Content Architecture Meeting has
>[12:07pm] jrunrandy: Add agenda item? We are changing meeting time
>[12:08pm] julee: Triage of new content architecture issues
>[12:08pm] shepazu: is muted, may have to leave early
>[12:08pm] julee: Review of open action items
>[12:08pm] julee: The New_Page page is up to date with example text and
>[12:08pm] julee: just like the Getting Started page which has a section
>that anticipates additional guides with a link to
>[12:08pm] julee: the Creating API Pages guide, where all of the above is
>captured, if not tamed.
>[12:08pm] julee: Action item for Mike and Julee to try out structure
>resulted in some issues which we'll continue to discuss today. (See
>Mike's email to public list 2012-11-15 re: creating api pages.)
>[12:08pm] julee: Handling specialized API in light of new guidelines.
>[12:08pm] julee: How to represent constants and exceptions on separate
>[12:08pm] julee: Should APIs that add members to existing core interfaces
>be listed separately?
>[12:08pm] julee: Where appropriate, note the DOM node used to access each
>interface object: document, navigator, window, video, audio, etc.
>[12:08pm] julee: Task roadmap includes content track, prioritizing
>content issues. (See email re: task roadmap for content, infrastructure
>and styling tasks from Chris Mills <cmills@opera.com>.)
>[12:08pm] julee: [bugs]: Content bugs in bugzilla need your input and
>[12:08pm] julee: Additional agenda item: New time for this meeting?
>[12:10pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: chrismills to set up a Doodle poll
>[12:10pm] julee: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Content_Meetings
>[12:11pm] scottrowe: yep!
>[12:11pm] jrunrandy: julee: note links scottrowe added for his actions
>[12:12pm] julee: Task roadmap includes content track, prioritizing
>content issues. (See email re: task roadmap for content, infrastructure
>and styling tasks from Chris Mills <cmills@opera.com>.)
>[12:12pm] jrunrandy: julee: Review task road map agenda item
>[12:12pm] julee: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Task_Roadmap
>[12:12pm] scottrowe: On the bus. Listening. No headset. Can't talk.
>[12:13pm] jrunrandy: jules; please review, as we'll use this table in
>future meetings
>[12:14pm] Garbee: We need something *like* this I think.
>[12:14pm] Garbee: We can't use that service though since it is
>proprietary and hosted.
>[12:15pm] Garbee: Yea, for now this works.  End goal, get something
>[12:16pm] jrunrandy: julee: maybe a project management system.
>[12:18pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: feedback is still welcome
>[12:18pm] jrunrandy: New item: content bugs in bugzilla
>[12:18pm] Garbee: 
>[12:19pm] jrunrandy: sierra: should we use bugs to track missing content?
>DOM ranges, for example?
>[12:19pm] jrunrandy: julee: bug base is good for this
>[12:20pm] jrunrandy: who is speaking?
>[12:20pm] jrunrandy: alex: good to have a page with bug creation
>[12:21pm] Garbee: We can tag in content with [html], [css], etc.
>[12:21pm] Garbee: Within the "summary". ^^
>[12:22pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: can we have more keywords?
>[12:22pm] Garbee: Yea, we should do that in lou of creating new
>[12:23pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: julee to write down (in bug creation
>guidelines) what issues go where. Bugzilla, other issues, etc.
>[12:23pm] Garbee: Yea, That is something I"m working on.
>[12:23pm] Garbee: Can't actually talk, soar throat.
>[12:24pm] Garbee: I can have that out sometime this weekend if you want
>me to.
>[12:24pm] jrunrandy: julee: Garbee is writing guidelines for creating
>content bugs
>[12:24pm] jrunrandy: sierra: has been putting dangling cross references
>to unwritten content. We need to keep track of these
>[12:26pm] David_Bradbury joined the chat room.
>[12:26pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Need an organized project to catalog these
>things. Add stubs, as appropriate
>[12:27pm] jrunrandy: Alex: There is a way to find missing pages right now
>[12:28pm] jkomoros: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/Special:WantedPages
>[12:28pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: It'd be good to provide a way for people
>to get assignments
>[12:29pm] Garbee: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Most_Wanted_Tasks
>[12:29pm] Garbee: Also kinda lost to time.
>[12:29pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Getting Started page has some of this, but it
>could be better
>[12:30pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: We need a way to incent people to work
>on some of the dull pages
>[12:30pm] jrunrandy: Did I get that right?
>[12:30pm] Garbee: Most Wanted Tasks has been *very* cluttered with extra
>[12:30pm] jrunrandy: sierra: MWT items could link to bugs
>[12:31pm] Garbee: I mostly tried to link to bugs in MWT already.
>[12:31pm] jrunrandy: Alex: It'd help to have an official project manager,
>tasked with keeping track of things and make sure that things are
>[12:32pm] jrunrandy: julee: +1 and not just for content
>[12:33pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Maybe someone who's a project manager, by trade
>[12:34pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: Alex to write up a description of the role
>[12:35pm] jrunrandy: New agenda item: Content Architecture: new API pages
>[12:35pm] jrunrandy: sierra: we might be able to address this as a bug
>[12:35pm] jrunrandy: sierra: what to do with APIs that add members to
>existing interfaces
>[12:36pm] jrunrandy: sierra: example, CSS Regions includes a new member
>in the Document interface
>[12:36pm] jrunrandy: sierra: Does it make sense to keep the
>"supplementary" members with the API a a whole or with the existing
>[12:37pm] jrunrandy: Alex: this is pretty common
>[12:38pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Can see that either way is useful.
>[12:39pm] jrunrandy: sierra: It should be available (linked) from both
>places. The issue is where things live
>[12:40pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: sierra to write this up as a bug to describe
>the issue
>[12:40pm] jrunrandy: julee: and also the DOM node used to access each
>interface object
>[12:41pm] jrunrandy: sierra: usually Document, Navigator, or Window
>[12:41pm] jrunrandy: julee: any other open issues
>[12:42pm] jrunrandy: Alex: For small APIs, with minimal methods: Create
>individual pages or create one page?
>[12:42pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Prefers individual pages for each
>[12:42pm] jrunrandy: Sorry. who is speaking
>[12:43pm] chrismills: scott
>[12:43pm] jrunrandy: Scottrowe: Also properties and events
>[12:43pm] chrismills: then alex
>[12:43pm] jkomoros: [dropped off, rejoining in a second
>[12:44pm] jkomoros: [back] [12:45pm] jrunrandy: sierra: in many cases, we
>have little bits of information that don't need their own page. Is there
>an opportunity to fold these things into the main page
>[12:47pm] jrunrandy: alex: it makes sense to have canonical individual
>pages. But maybe we can transclude them onto the main pages
>[12:49pm] jrunrandy: scottrowe: has been editing SVG. Listing all
>possible values is problematic when you have a lot of options. From a
>data model POV, individual pages work better
>[12:50pm] jrunrandy: scottrowe: Another example: HTML type attribute
>[12:50pm] sierra_: e.g. input.type
>[12:51pm] mstalfoort left the chat room. (Quit: kthxbai)
>[12:51pm] sierra_: vs link type
>[12:51pm] jrunrandy: alex: multiple audiences, humans, tools, Chrome
>developer tool, for example
>[12:52pm] jrunrandy: julee: does it matter if it's /child vs. #child?
>[12:52pm] chrismills: Apologies folks - I gotta go now! Put me down for
>an Action to investigate better ways of tagging different content tasks
>on bugzilla, and breaking up content tasks into subject, and giving
>different content areas to different people to take responsibility for.
>[12:52pm] jrunrandy: alex: Jus saying that having attribute pages with
>different values on different elements may not be as flexible
>[12:53pm] jrunrandy: or was that scottrowe?
>[12:53pm] chrismills left the chat room. (Quit: chrismills)
>[12:54pm] jrunrandy: alex: clear that we have two ends of the spectrum.
>Which should be the default?
>[12:54pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: sierra to file a bug for this
>[12:55pm] Garbee: My preference is default to a single page and go to
>multiple pages if the content warrants it.
>[12:55pm] Garbee: This is a blocker level issue.  We should get the
>policy figured out now before adding so much new content to go redo later.
>[12:55pm] Garbee: It is fine to continue, but the quicker we get a
>guideline the better.
>[12:57pm] sierra_: ACTION: I'll write bug on consolidating structured data
>[12:58pm] jrunrandy: julee: logistics: We've been sending out the irc
>notes, but will also send a summary to the public list. All: please
>review the summary to ensure it's accurate
>[12:58pm] sierra_: ACTION: I'll write bug on what to do when APIs add
>members to existing interfaces (e.g. Navigator/Document/Window)
>[12:58pm] chrismills joined the chat room.
>[12:58pm] jrunrandy: julee: Also feel free to update the Content Meeting
>page if you have agenda items. Maybe more on to architectural issues page
>and tutorials
>[12:59pm] jrunrandy: Sounds good
>[12:59pm] chrismills left the chat room. (Client Quit)
>[12:59pm] jrunrandy: Meeting ended
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>Can someone send around the minutes for the content TF meet? Just paste
>the IRC output into a mail.
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