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Notes from last Wednesday's Content TF meeting

From: Julee Burdekin <julee@adobe.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 09:15:52 -0800
To: <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CCE25EB1.398BA%julee@adobe.com>
>==Agenda 2012-11-28==
>===Topics discussed===
>* We asked editors to review, update, address content bugs in the bug
>* We pointed out the new task roadmap:
>http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Task_Roadmap, and related email, and
>asked for comments. It's a high-level view that's very readable. Editing
>it (e.g.: adding columns) might be a bit tricky.
>* We discussed the need for a project management system and a program
>manager to ensure content tasks are triaged. WPD:Most_Wanted_Tasks isn't
>working and we need motivational leaders and tools.
>* We continued discussion on creating API pages, focusing on exceptions
>the guidelines (WPD:Creating_API_pages).
>  ** What to do for API that add members to an existing interface. For
>example, CSS Regions includes a new member in the Document interface -
>keep it with the API or the existing interface? Probably in both. But
>where does canonical page reside?
>  ** What to do with lots of little bits of information, for example SVG
>attribute values or the HTML type element? For data modeling purposes, it
>might be best to create separate pages for each and then include them in
>the main page. What is best for folks importing, managing content? For
>* We need to change the meeting time.
>* We will use bug base for tracking content areas that need to be
>such as DOM ranges.
>* Until project management for whole project is resolved, we will call
>high-level direction on WPD:Task_Roadmap and track specific content
>in bug base.
>* We will file content bugs on any additional open issues with the API.
>===Action items===
>* chrismills to set up a Doodle poll for next meeting times.
>* garbee to write guidelines on creating content bugs.
>* (was julee; is now:) garbee to write down (in bug creation guidelines)
>what issues go where
>(Bugzilla vs. WPD:Task_Roadmap, WPD:Most_Wanted_Tasks,
>Special:WantedPages, WPD:Getting_Started, etc.)
>* Alex to write up a description of the project manager's role.
>* All: review this summary to ensure accuracy.
>===Proposed next discussion topics===
>Address any open issues with concepts and tutorials pages.

>===Raw scribe===
>>[12:06pm] jrunrandy: Webplatform.org Content Architecture Meeting has
>>[12:07pm] jrunrandy: Add agenda item? We are changing meeting time
>>[12:08pm] julee: Triage of new content architecture issues
>>[12:08pm] shepazu: is muted, may have to leave early
>>[12:08pm] julee: Review of open action items
>>[12:08pm] julee: The New_Page page is up to date with example text and
>>[12:08pm] julee: just like the Getting Started page which has a section
>>that anticipates additional guides with a link to
>>[12:08pm] julee: the Creating API Pages guide, where all of the above is
>>captured, if not tamed.
>>[12:08pm] julee: Action item for Mike and Julee to try out structure
>>resulted in some issues which we'll continue to discuss today. (See
>>Mike's email to public list 2012-11-15 re: creating api pages.)
>>[12:08pm] julee: Handling specialized API in light of new guidelines.
>>[12:08pm] julee: How to represent constants and exceptions on separate
>>[12:08pm] julee: Should APIs that add members to existing core
>>be listed separately?
>>[12:08pm] julee: Where appropriate, note the DOM node used to access
>>interface object: document, navigator, window, video, audio, etc.
>>[12:08pm] julee: Task roadmap includes content track, prioritizing
>>content issues. (See email re: task roadmap for content, infrastructure
>>and styling tasks from Chris Mills <cmills@opera.com>.)
>>[12:08pm] julee: [bugs]: Content bugs in bugzilla need your input and
>>[12:08pm] julee: Additional agenda item: New time for this meeting?
>>[12:10pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: chrismills to set up a Doodle poll
>>[12:10pm] julee: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Content_Meetings
>>[12:11pm] scottrowe: yep!
>>[12:11pm] jrunrandy: julee: note links scottrowe added for his actions
>>[12:12pm] julee: Task roadmap includes content track, prioritizing
>>content issues. (See email re: task roadmap for content, infrastructure
>>and styling tasks from Chris Mills <cmills@opera.com>.)
>>[12:12pm] jrunrandy: julee: Review task road map agenda item
>>[12:12pm] julee: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Task_Roadmap
>>[12:12pm] scottrowe: On the bus. Listening. No headset. Can't talk.
>>[12:13pm] jrunrandy: jules; please review, as we'll use this table in
>>future meetings
>>[12:14pm] Garbee: We need something *like* this I think.
>>[12:14pm] Garbee: We can't use that service though since it is
>>proprietary and hosted.
>>[12:15pm] Garbee: Yea, for now this works.  End goal, get something
>>[12:16pm] jrunrandy: julee: maybe a project management system.
>>[12:18pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: feedback is still welcome
>>[12:18pm] jrunrandy: New item: content bugs in bugzilla
>>[12:18pm] Garbee:
>>[12:19pm] jrunrandy: sierra: should we use bugs to track missing
>>DOM ranges, for example?
>>[12:19pm] jrunrandy: julee: bug base is good for this
>>[12:20pm] jrunrandy: who is speaking?
>>[12:20pm] jrunrandy: alex: good to have a page with bug creation
>>[12:21pm] Garbee: We can tag in content with [html], [css], etc.
>>[12:21pm] Garbee: Within the "summary". ^^
>>[12:22pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: can we have more keywords?
>>[12:22pm] Garbee: Yea, we should do that in lou of creating new
>>[12:23pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: julee to write down (in bug creation
>>guidelines) what issues go where. Bugzilla, other issues, etc.
>>[12:23pm] Garbee: Yea, That is something I"m working on.
>>[12:23pm] Garbee: Can't actually talk, soar throat.
>>[12:24pm] Garbee: I can have that out sometime this weekend if you want
>>me to.
>>[12:24pm] jrunrandy: julee: Garbee is writing guidelines for creating
>>content bugs
>>[12:24pm] jrunrandy: sierra: has been putting dangling cross references
>>to unwritten content. We need to keep track of these
>>[12:26pm] David_Bradbury joined the chat room.
>>[12:26pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Need an organized project to catalog these
>>things. Add stubs, as appropriate
>>[12:27pm] jrunrandy: Alex: There is a way to find missing pages right now
>>[12:28pm] jkomoros: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/Special:WantedPages
>>[12:28pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: It'd be good to provide a way for
>>to get assignments
>>[12:29pm] Garbee: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Most_Wanted_Tasks
>>[12:29pm] Garbee: Also kinda lost to time.
>>[12:29pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Getting Started page has some of this, but it
>>could be better
>>[12:30pm] jrunrandy: chrismills: We need a way to incent people to work
>>on some of the dull pages
>>[12:30pm] jrunrandy: Did I get that right?
>>[12:30pm] Garbee: Most Wanted Tasks has been *very* cluttered with extra
>>[12:30pm] jrunrandy: sierra: MWT items could link to bugs
>>[12:31pm] Garbee: I mostly tried to link to bugs in MWT already.
>>[12:31pm] jrunrandy: Alex: It'd help to have an official project
>>tasked with keeping track of things and make sure that things are
>>[12:32pm] jrunrandy: julee: +1 and not just for content
>>[12:33pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Maybe someone who's a project manager, by
>>[12:34pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: Alex to write up a description of the role
>>[12:35pm] jrunrandy: New agenda item: Content Architecture: new API pages
>>[12:35pm] jrunrandy: sierra: we might be able to address this as a bug
>>[12:35pm] jrunrandy: sierra: what to do with APIs that add members to
>>existing interfaces
>>[12:36pm] jrunrandy: sierra: example, CSS Regions includes a new member
>>in the Document interface
>>[12:36pm] jrunrandy: sierra: Does it make sense to keep the
>>"supplementary" members with the API a a whole or with the existing
>>[12:37pm] jrunrandy: Alex: this is pretty common
>>[12:38pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Can see that either way is useful.
>>[12:39pm] jrunrandy: sierra: It should be available (linked) from both
>>places. The issue is where things live
>>[12:40pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: sierra to write this up as a bug to
>>the issue
>>[12:40pm] jrunrandy: julee: and also the DOM node used to access each
>>interface object
>>[12:41pm] jrunrandy: sierra: usually Document, Navigator, or Window
>>[12:41pm] jrunrandy: julee: any other open issues
>>[12:42pm] jrunrandy: Alex: For small APIs, with minimal methods: Create
>>individual pages or create one page?
>>[12:42pm] jrunrandy: Alex: Prefers individual pages for each
>>[12:42pm] jrunrandy: Sorry. who is speaking
>>[12:43pm] chrismills: scott
>>[12:43pm] jrunrandy: Scottrowe: Also properties and events
>>[12:43pm] chrismills: then alex
>>[12:43pm] jkomoros: [dropped off, rejoining in a second
>>[12:44pm] jkomoros: [back] [12:45pm] jrunrandy: sierra: in many cases,
>>have little bits of information that don't need their own page. Is there
>>an opportunity to fold these things into the main page
>>[12:47pm] jrunrandy: alex: it makes sense to have canonical individual
>>pages. But maybe we can transclude them onto the main pages
>>[12:49pm] jrunrandy: scottrowe: has been editing SVG. Listing all
>>possible values is problematic when you have a lot of options. From a
>>data model POV, individual pages work better
>>[12:50pm] jrunrandy: scottrowe: Another example: HTML type attribute
>>[12:50pm] sierra_: e.g. input.type
>>[12:51pm] mstalfoort left the chat room. (Quit: kthxbai)
>>[12:51pm] sierra_: vs link type
>>[12:51pm] jrunrandy: alex: multiple audiences, humans, tools, Chrome
>>developer tool, for example
>>[12:52pm] jrunrandy: julee: does it matter if it's /child vs. #child?
>>[12:52pm] chrismills: Apologies folks - I gotta go now! Put me down for
>>an Action to investigate better ways of tagging different content tasks
>>on bugzilla, and breaking up content tasks into subject, and giving
>>different content areas to different people to take responsibility for.
>>[12:52pm] jrunrandy: alex: Jus saying that having attribute pages with
>>different values on different elements may not be as flexible
>>[12:53pm] jrunrandy: or was that scottrowe?
>>[12:53pm] chrismills left the chat room. (Quit: chrismills)
>>[12:54pm] jrunrandy: alex: clear that we have two ends of the spectrum.
>>Which should be the default?
>>[12:54pm] jrunrandy: ACTION: sierra to file a bug for this
>>[12:55pm] Garbee: My preference is default to a single page and go to
>>multiple pages if the content warrants it.
>>[12:55pm] Garbee: This is a blocker level issue.  We should get the
>>policy figured out now before adding so much new content to go redo
>>[12:55pm] Garbee: It is fine to continue, but the quicker we get a
>>guideline the better.
>>[12:57pm] sierra_: ACTION: I'll write bug on consolidating structured
>>[12:58pm] jrunrandy: julee: logistics: We've been sending out the irc
>>notes, but will also send a summary to the public list. All: please
>>review the summary to ensure it's accurate
>>[12:58pm] sierra_: ACTION: I'll write bug on what to do when APIs add
>>members to existing interfaces (e.g. Navigator/Document/Window)
>>[12:58pm] chrismills joined the chat room.
>>[12:58pm] jrunrandy: julee: Also feel free to update the Content Meeting
>>page if you have agenda items. Maybe more on to architectural issues
>>and tutorials
>>[12:59pm] jrunrandy: Sounds good
>>[12:59pm] chrismills left the chat room. (Client Quit)
>>[12:59pm] jrunrandy: Meeting ended
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