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Use Cases from the W3C Web Payments Workshop

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 17:39:06 -0400
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To: Web Payments CG <public-webpayments@w3.org>
What follows is a list of all of the use cases that came out of the W3C
Web Payments Workshop.

We are going to have to do some work to merge these in with the work
that Brent has been doing wrt. payment service use cases. After all of
the use cases have been merged together, we're going to have to
categorize them into things that we believe are standardizable in a
first iteration of Web Payments, and a list of use cases that will need
to be dealt with in a second iteration of web payments.

Brent S., Andrew M. - you guys might want to work together on this with
support from the rest of the group. I'd be happy to discuss what we're
trying to achieve w/ both of you offline.


# Topic: Alternative Currencies - Ven and HubCulture

Use Case: Bots that execute financial operations on behalf of users.

Use Case: Personal vault can host information/assets and issue ids
useful for various things (e.g. payments?)

Use Case: Managed access to personal identity/attributes as economically
valuable assets in a payment system

# Topic: Web Developers - Yandex Money

Use Case: Invoke payment service via URI scheme.

Use Case: Simple URI system - simple payment markup that developers get

Use Case: Enable customer-based selection of payment processor.

Use Case: Switch payment method in the middle of a transaction.

Use Case: Allow loyalty cards, coupons, etc. as a payment mechanism.

# Topic: International Infrastructure - World Bank

Use Case: National incentives for using web-based payments due to
beneficial effects upon economy.

Use Case: Ensure access to payment systems by non-traditional channels,
where barriers exist for traditional channels

# Topic: Card Processing - Worldline

Use Case: Secure Element-based offline payment.

Use Case: Browser-mediated offline transactions.

# Topic: Remittances and the  Underbanked - Bloomberg

Use Case: Sending money to family internationally via low-cost methods.

Use Case: Enable financial regulation (e.g. reporting above a certain
value) to be implemented directly in payment protocols

Use Case: Enable Zero-trust transactions.

Use Case: Leveraging variable degrees of identity/anonymity per
requirements of the payment transaction.

# Topic: General Discussion about Financial Infrastructure

Use Case: Realtime purchases involving prerequisite reception of funds
from international sources (e.g. family).

Use Case: Mixed sources of payment for a single transaction, using
multiple payments with minimal transaction overhead.

Use Case: Selection of payment method based upon desired payment speed
and cost.

Use Case: Option to get faster payment if you pay more.

Use Case: Selection of payment service based upon ability to handle
escrow for untrusted merchants.

Use Case: Rights & responsibilities of a transaction being associated
with the context of the transaction, and conveyed to parties in the

Use Case: Take the change for your $100 bill through a web payment.

# Topic: The Inputs to the Payments Standardization Process

Use Case: Verify identity or assess trust of partners in a transaction.

Use Case: Initiate / request payment.

Use Case: Issue, transmit, validate proof-of-purchase / digital receipt.

Use Case: Find and compare payment options for transaction.

Use Case: Create a common digital receipt format.

# Topic: Lessons Learned from the Mozilla Marketplace

Use Case: App Stores - selling apps in mobile scenarios.

Use Case: Prove ownership over a particular asset (proof of purchase /

Use Case: Temporary payment tokens for merchants. If token is stolen,
thief does not get access to financial account.

Use Case: Billing through mobile operator (mobile billing) without hacks
to HTTP.

Use Case: Make it simple to register as a new customer (get rid of the
registration step, if possible, or make it transparent).

# Topic: General Discussion on the Ideal Payment Experiences

Use Case: Application of loyalty cards to purchases.

Use Case: When doing a payment, need a way to assure the customer he is
his payment service provider  and is not subject to phising. Specially
problematic in mobile when browser chrome is not available.

Use Case: Tokenization mechanism that protects the buyer and merchant
from theft of credentials.

Use Case: Payments / digital receipts should be applicable to Encrypted
Media Extension authorization to show content.

Use Case: Merchant and User reputation system accessible to the payments

Use Case: Reputation based selection of providers in a payment
transaction, or info about merchants to help the user choose whether to
complete the transaction.

Use Case: Whitelisting of parties - users, merchants, payment providers
without scalability / anti-compete issues.

# Topic: Global Payments - World Bank

Use Case: Payment process includes user informed consent requirements
about "what they are getting into".

# Topic: Future Clearing - Ripple Labs

Use Case: Send money in any currency, have the network automatically do
currency conversion, give currency at the other end in the receivers
native currency.

Use Case: Market makers acting as a transfer agent (foreign exchange
happens automatically)

Use Case: Transfer money through gateway providers of financial networks.

Use Case: Knowing through which financial network your transaction will
be delivered (you might care?).

# Topic: National Infrastructure - US Federal Reserve

Use Case: Electronically originated checks

Use Case: Knowing what info will be required to supplement a transaction.

Use Case: Knowing that data minimization principles are followed by
systems in a payment chain

# Topic: Enhancing the Customer and Merchant Experience

Use Case: Automatic payments, transparent to usage (subscriptions and
safe pay-as-you-go w/o asking/annoying the customer)

# Topic: Merchants and Retailers - NACS

Use Case: Digital credentials that can be used for financial
transactions, that provide plausible deniability to payment processors
("we vetted the customer and they lied to us in a sophisticated way,
here's proof").

Use Case: Digitally signed contacts that are born and executed digitally.

Use Case: Theft of payment details results in very low return on investment.

# Topic: Intent to Pay - Robin Berjon

Use Case: Decouple payments as much as possible. Base on an
intent-to-pay mechanism
SEPAmail - BPCE France

Use Case: Allow multiple levels of security based on the type of
transaction being performed. No auth for small amounts, PIN auth for
medium amounts, Secure Element for large amounts.

# Topic: Hidden Choice can be Anti-Consumer - Joseph Potvin

Use Case: Enable the customer and the merchant to choose foreign
exchange rates and how foreign exchange affect their prices, give them
the choice, not the financial network/intermediary.

# Topic: Last-mile Payments in Africa - Trans-Africa Solutions

Use Case: Allow a physical version of a digital receipt that can be
verified, perhaps by printing out a QR Code on a slip of paper with some
additional information.

Use Case: Allow for a settlement that is based on a cash transfer.

# Topic: General Discussion on Customer/Merchant Experience

Use Case: Move the point of sales terminal off to the users mobile .

# Topic: Creating a Level Playing Field - W3C

Use Case: The wallet as an expert system - decide the best mode of
operation for the purchase, make wallet providers compete on that metric.

Use Case: Identity solution must not rely on passwords for primary

# Topic: Mobile Wallets - Gemalto

Use Case: Enable people to transfer tokens of value between their
wallets (digital cash equivalent).

Use Case: Realtime checks on account balances in wallets to help decide
how to pay.

Use Case: Show added/stored value from things you already do (discounts
on gas purchases associated with a grocery store you shop at regularly).

Use Case: Wallet is synced with loyalty coupons and digital receipts as
they are collected. Data is synced to cloud or local wallet seamlessly.

Use Case: Wallet data should be separate from wallet provider, data
should be owned by the customer.

# Topic: Wallets - Deutsche Telekom

Use Case: Customer can receive digital receipts (receipt POSTed to
user's digital receipt storage vs. an emailed receipt).

# Topic: General Discussion around Payment Initiation and Digital Receipts

Use Case: Sync wallet data, password data, and credential data to the
cloud - use the same mechanism for all three.

Use Case: Wallet portability to move to a new wallet service provider at

Use Case: Where is the wallet, how is it protected, is it stored on the
same device as your 2-factor authentication device? Security
side-effects of mobile-as-wallet are not straightforward.

Use Case: Prevent corporate man-in-the-middle attacks that are commonly
used in corporate environments.

Use Case: Reject the form auto-fill anti-pattern (RequestAutoComplete)
and move to one that doesn't result in security risks if data is stolen
at the merchant.

Use Case: Payment systems running on shared devices must be able to
determine the payer.

# Topic: Identity Management - IETF

Use Case: Use OpenID Connect to bootstrap a payments process.

# Topic: Commerce Identity - Microsoft

Use Case: Associate fraud information and signals with identities.

Use Case: Don't share any theft-worthy data with merchants.

# Topic: Decentralized Identity - Ripple Labs

Use Case: Place identity in a decentralized network

Use Case: Update identity information in a decentralized network
(replace payment providers, e-mail attestation, etc.)

# Topic: Mobile Identity and Payments - Qualcomm

Use Case: Determine how Premium SMS (operator billing) works with a Web
payments solution.

Use Case: Protect privacy when making purchases using geolocation

# Topic: Pushing Back on Centralization - Lyra

Use Case: Figure out a way to couple identities together to allow one
identity to retrieve access to another identity if the 2nd identity
loses their 2FA device.

Use Case: Keeping your web of trust in your wallet and only expose it to
the outside world when necessary.

Use Case: Secure backup wallet data info to a friends wallet.

# Topic: Balancing Identity, Privacy, and Anonymity - British Computer

Use Case: Separate the idea of privacy and anonymity when it comes to
web payments.  Privacy for online actions is important.  Anonymity when
it comes to financial transactions and moving of money is problematic.

-- manu

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