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Re: [Moderator Action] RDFOWL

From: Vivien Lacourba <vivien@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 10:51:44 -0400
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On Wed, 1969-12-31 at 18:59, Nacho ... wrote:
> Hello, I'm a computer science student from Madrid, Spain. Sorry my bad 
> english, please.
> Sorry basic question, but I have read RDF and OWL specifications and I would 
> like assure this:
> (1)
> OWL is an language which allows user to make "meaning" to the terms created 
> by a RDF scheme. It is an extension to the RDF scheme.
> RDF without OWL allowed to describe resources, properties and them 
> relationship but with OWL it allow RIGHT MEANING besides.
> For example, RDF can define the term "autor", which is a property to "Book", 
> but OWL can define "autor" is "person responsible in creation of a document" 
> for example.
> Is this correct?
> (2)
> If I wish to use MARC format in order to catalogue my virtual library, I use 
> RDF (without OWL) and use a namespace like for example 
> http://marc.org/descriptions/library#. Then I can to use properties defined 
> in http://marc.org/descriptions/library# like for example autor, title, etc.
> Is this correct?
> (3)
> Dublin Core scheme is a RDF scheme or an ontology defined by using OWL?
> Thank you very much.
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