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RE: Modeling question

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 20:39:00 -0500
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To: <minsu@etri.re.kr>, "'Christoph Mangold'" <Mangold@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de>, <public-webont-comments@w3.org>

At 9:28 +0900 2/21/04, Minsu Jang wrote:
>In the section 1.3 of OWL Overview[1], there's a paragraph stating that
>if you want to attach properties to classes, you need OWL Full.
>Hope this helps,
>[1] OWL Overview

Gentleman - forgive my not answering sooner - this mailing list is 
primarily for questions about the OWL documents, and since they're 
now at Recomendation, I don't check too often.   The mailing list 
www-rdf-logic@w3.org is an active place to have such discussions.
  As far as the specific question goes, the answer above is not quite 
right -- it depends on what you want to have as the meaning of the 
"refersto" -- first, it could be a normal property and asserted just 
fine -- i.e. I might want to have the subclasses referTo everything 
in their superclass hierarchy.   Second, it could be used as an 
annotation property - allowing it to be asserted on a class even in 
OWL Light.  If it is meant to be a use of a class as an instance, 
then it would be in OWL Full
  anyway, for details see the OWL reference document, and please feel 
free to ask follow up questions on the rdf-logic mailing list, which 
has many more readers than this one does.
  -Jim Hendler

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