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FIPA endorsement

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 16:43:48 -0400
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Jim Hendler
Chairman W3C OWL Working Group

2 September 2003

Dear Jim,

FIPA, the Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents, is the premier 
standards body for developing and deploying agents for 
interoperability in heterogeneous environments. As such, it gives the 
FIPA Board of Directors great pleasure in officially giving its 
endorsement for the W3C's Web Ontology Language (1.0) and supports 
its move to Candidate Recommendation. FIPA recognises that ontologies 
and their formal description languages are criticial to the vision of 
the Semantic Web and also to enabling software agents to interpret 
their environment in a more meaningful ways.

The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) is an 
international consortium of industrial and university partners formed 
in 1996.  Its mission is the promotion of technologies and 
interoperability specifications that facilitate the end-to-end 
interworking of intelligent agent systems in modern commercial and 
industrial settings. More information about FIPA can be found at 

Michael S. Kerstetter
President/Board of Directors
The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
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