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Re: Call for comments on your implementation experience - F-OWL

From: Youyong Zou <yzou1@cs.umbc.edu>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 11:17:38 -0500 (EST)
To: <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
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This is our experience of implementing F-OWL system and applying it for
OWL test case.

---About F-OWL
F-OWL is an ontology inference engine for the OWL. The ontology inference
mechanism in F-OWL is implemented using Flora-2, an object-oriented
knowledge base language and application development platform that
translates a unified language of F-logic, HiLog, and Transaction Logic
into the XSB deductive engine.  F-OWL provides Java API, Command Line
interface and GUI to fit different requirement.

F-OWL includes:
*A set of rules that reason over the data model of RDF-S & OWL
*A set of rules that map XML DataTypes into XSB terms
*A set of rules that perform ontology consistency checks
*A set of rules that "glue" together the upper Java API calls to the lower
layer Flora/XSB rules

---Tools used
*XSB, Flora as reasoning engine
*Jena ARP as RDF/OWL parser
*Yajxb as interface between Java and XSB.

---OWL test case
*Use of OWL Namespace: Check OWL Syntax
*Entailment Tests: Load Premises file, Prove Conclusion file is TRUE
*Non-Entailment Tests:Load Premises file, Prove Conclusion file is FALSE
*OWL for OWL Tests: Prove conclusion is TRUE
*Consistency Tests: Run consistency checker, Prove the file can be
*Inconsistency Tests: Prove the file cannot be satisfied via consistency
*Import Entailment/Level Tests: load imported ontology,  check for import

F-OWL fails on:
*Some large test files (e.g., food and wine)
*OWL DL Files with Complex XSD datatype: for example:

---Some Numbers
	*The development of F-OWL was about 3 months, taking into account
that we had been working on projects related to DAML+OIL language and XSB
engine for two years.
	*The owl test case was about 1 month



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