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Comments on OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0 Reference 2002-07-29

From: Dave Beckett <dave.beckett@bristol.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:31:42 +0100
To: public-webont-comments@w3.org
Message-ID: <4558.1030030302@hoth.ilrt.bris.ac.uk>

Here are my comments on http://www.w3.org/TR/2002/WD-owl-ref-20020729/




It would be nice to see at least a little more here.

Sec 1

Need more links to (now) existing WDs.  Link to defns of OWL Lite in
the features WD, for eaxmple.

  "An OWL knowledge base is a collection of RDF triples as defined in
  the RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised) [RDF/XML Syntax]."

I don't think the RDF syntax WD defines as collection of RDF
triples.  That's the output of the mapping in the latter WD.  I guess
you'll have to point at the soon to be published RDF Core abstract
model WD.

Sec 1.Different syntactic forms

Too much bold text.  if you want extra emphasis, put in a <div> or

Sec 2

link to "the index" isn't very good for context.  Maybe put the
something like "See the <a>list of components</a> for ..."

I can't give you the existing link for the rdf:List etc. stuff
since the current published WD isn't there.  It is intended to be:


  (in the editor's draft, section not done yet

2.Objects and Datatype values

Cite XML Schema datatypes.

2.Class elements

The bulleted list items are constraints on owl:Class-es that are all
required?  If this is the case, add a note to explain this.

"subClassOf" and "<tt>rdfs:subClassOf</tt>". change all to be the
latter if they are the same thing.  'subclass' is used correctly as
the prose phrase.  Ditto for other items in the bulleted lists.

(maybe make these into sections or things with links so you can talk
about "class element constraint #5"?)

2.Class Expressions

link 'property-restriction' goes to a section 'Property Restrictions'
If the latter is the term being used, change the former.  Similary
for 'boolean combination' and 'Boolean combination of class expressions'.


  <owl:Thing rdf:about="#South_America"/>
rather than
  <owl:Thing rdf:about="#South_America "/>

2.Property restrictions

kinds of restriction ObjectRestriction and DatatypeRestriction -
bring these out of the paragraph and hilight them.

Using <tt> emphasis and without on the same terms such as
"allValuesFrom element".

"Notice that" and "also notice that".  Is this a note that should be
considered or part of the body text?  I suggest deleting and just say
"An allValuesFrom ..." etc.

" OWL Lite restricts the value of N to 0 or 1." 
is there a link you can point to this somewhere?  I would hope so.

2.Property elements

These constraints are again, all required?

This a rather long defintiion (section?) that might benefit from
further substructure.

There are several warnings, discussions of global restrictions.
Is it worth having a section listing all the terms that do this
(rdf:domain, FunctionalProperty and InverseFunctionalProperty
probably others) and put some comments there.


Just partial examples I guess but the latter <isPartOf> has no
namespace.  Maybe use ex:isPartOf to hint that it is an example?

2.Datatype Values
(unlike above sec titles, this one is capitalized on all words)

I guess this stuff is highly dependent on RDF Core work.

Appendix A

"changed"?  from DAML+OIL.

I'd rather see a definitive list here with historical changes, either
from DAML+OIL or later on in OWL, in a separate appendix.

Appendix B "Notes"

please move these in-line, as indented paragraphs if that
helps.  Unlike a paper book, footnotes don't work too well.

  <rdf:type rdf:resource="http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#Class"/>
  <rdf:Type resource="http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#Class"/>

"owl-ex" - first mention/link of this.  Explain if this is a
normative example of OWL.  Preferably add to an appendix and list in
full in the document body.

If you are living with RDF/XML's restrictions you can't write

  <Restriction cardinality="1">
    <onProperty rdf:resource="#father"/>

since all attributes must have a namespace prefix in RDF/XML, rather:

  <Restriction owl:cardinality="1">
    <onProperty rdf:resource="#father"/>


Un-numbered sections in sec 1, 2 - give them numbers and anchors
please.  Very important for sec 2 things since they are defined
important terms being defined.

Add these to sec 1 table of contents if ncessary

Terminology/notation; define what the formatting like
"<tt>owl:Class</tt>" means.  Be consistent with other WOWG WDs.

URIs mentioned - do you mean that or are URI-refs allowed too?
for example in 2.Class elements "a class name (a URI)".
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