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FW: W3C and ATypI in Reykjavik

From: Levantovsky, Vladimir <Vladimir.Levantovsky@MonotypeImaging.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 04:59:27 -0400
To: "public-webfonts-wg@w3.org" <public-webfonts-wg@w3.org>
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Hello WG,

I’ve got a response from ATypI organizers, they are willing to host the WG F2F meeting and ask us to provide some specific details. First of all, we need to decide on a specific date when the meeting is to be held. Please take a look at the conference programme (http://www.atypi.org/2011-reykjavik/programme) to see if any of workshops would be of interest to you and whether we should hold our meeting on 13th of September to avoid possible collisions with other events. Please also note that early bird conference registration period is in effect until Aug. 13th, so this is another opportunity to save some money for those WG members who would like to attend both the WG meeting and the ATypI conference.

Please respond to this message with your preferences asap. Also, we need to decide if we need any additional services (such as video project, or/screen and food/beverage service), I don’t know yet if this would incur any additional expense.

Thank you,

From: barbara.jarzyna@gmail.com [mailto:barbara.jarzyna@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Barbara Jarzyna
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2011 12:12 AM
To: Levantovsky, Vladimir
Cc: John D. Berry
Subject: W3C and ATypI in Reykjavik

Dear Vlad,

John Berry forwarded a mail to the programme committee of the upcoming ATypI
conference in September, with your request of the possibilty of holding your working
group meeting in conjunction with our event.

On behalf of ATypI, we would be delighted to host your meeting. Thank you for considering

I am managing the logistics for the conference, so it is with me you would speak with regards
to the specifications you require.

Our conference will take place at the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center. It is quite
an impressive structure. If you have taken a look at the program pages for ATypI, you will see
that on the first day we have 4 half-day workshops, on day 2 we have some talks that would
more than likely be of interest to your folks, and I am sure our attendees would be glad to meet
members of your group. So, I think that this is a great fit. The last 3 days have some very
interesting talks, less interactive than the first 2 days, but certainly no less informative.

I think you might consider 2 options.

The first option would be to hold your meeting on the 13th, the day before the event begins,
as you indicated.

The second option, if Michael Duggan, who would be the most likely to have a conflict with
anyone that might wish to attend his workshop, or if he actually sits on your committee,
would be to hold your meeting on the 14th. This might "save" a day, if necessary, on travel
and accommodations.

These are just merely suggestions, you know better than I do what your needs are. :)

So, if your group are agreeable to joining us in Reykjavik, let me know. I will then need to
know what your specifications would be. You did mention 6-10 people. Other details might

- room set-up
- internet connectivity
- food and beverage needs
- anything I might have missed...

Lastly, I think it might be a good promotional item for us to post this on our site. Would this
be acceptable, once confirmed?

I look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully welcoming you to Reykjavik in September.


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