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From-Origin (Was: Minutes, 9 Fen 2011 WebFonts WG call)

From: Håkon Wium Lie <howcome@opera.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 14:31:57 +0100
Message-ID: <19795.59597.445958.173759@gargle.gargle.HOWL>
To: public-webfonts-wg@w3.org
I wasn't able to join the call last night. In the minutes I read:

 > same origin restriction
 >    Vlad: we don't have an official comment but we do have two
 >    implementors who say they won't implement
 >    ... so is this a last call comment or not
 >    ... better to sort it out before entering CR
 >    ChrisL: agreed
 >    Vlad: other opinions?
 >    ... Hakon made a proposal in email
 >    cslye: agree with Vlad, need a more pointed discussion. currently we
 >    have implementors saying they will ignore it if its in the spec
 >    ... process is to get consensus first. we should resolve it
 >    Vlad: so we have IE9 and Frefox who implemented it and Chrome may
 >    (Tab is not against)
 >    sylvain: lets see when they check it in
 >    ... need to split the mechanics from whether its a requirement or not
 >    ... do we feel some form of SOR is required or not
 >    ... several ways to solve it
 >    Vlad: yes we need to solve this and get it behind us
 >    cslye: dave singer said he would get back to us
 >    Vlad: Maciej joined the WG recently, so its good to see further
 >    active participation from Apple
 >    sylvaing: opera have not closed the door, they made a counter
 >    prooposal and are still talking
 >    Vlad: (checks charter for specific mentionof SOR)
 >    sylvaing: IE9 will ship with current solution, so even if we change
 >    later we have that to deal with
 >    "This specification will reference the font formats in existing use
 >    (OpenType, WOFF, SVG, and EOT), the font referencing and linking
 >    specifications (in both CSS and XML serialisations), access policies
 >    such as same-origin and CORS, and define which linking mechanisms,
 >    policies and formats are required for compliance."
 >    sylvaing: we also depend on CORS which is not a Rec. Even worse if
 >    we depend on a new thing not even FPWD yet
 >    ChrisL: gan go to PR then holding pattern for Rec.
 >    ... or put conformance in a separate spec
 >    sylvaing: not want the format to be held back
 >    Vlad: sooner the better

+1 (sooner the better)

I think the From-Origin header can be spec'ed quite quickly. As it
would apply to all media types (and not just fonts) I'd argue that it
belongs in HTML5. Which may be a quicker route to acceptance than CORS
has to to take.


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