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RE: Moving forward with web education work

From: Adrian Roselli <Roselli@algonquinstudios.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 10:51:36 -0500
Message-ID: <263F624B0C294348B4D301C32CE3434D0A5598BE@Exchange.development.algonquinstudios.com>
To: Chris Mills <cmills@opera.com>
CC: <public-webed@w3.org>
And I will reply here regardless (public commitments tend to make me
more accountable).

Seeing the list you sent out this morning, helping to craft language
that pitches all that we do here to colleges/universities I think might
be better for me. I think I can make a business case, though educators
will need to validate my wording. And then there's the whole
international bit.

Beyond that, I am good with a red pen so I can edit and help contribute
to a general style guide for authors. The nice thing about editing is
that I can also weigh in on technical statements and assumptions.

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> From: Chris Mills [mailto:cmills@opera.com]
> Cheers, Mr Roselli!
> Can you have a think about what kind of work you'd like to do for us,
> writing, bit of proofing, editing/updating? It is a long time since
you wrote
> stuff for that usability book, but you are regular blogger ;-)
> I will follow up with you in the next day or so anyway, so no need to
> here.
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