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Re: Request for feedback on KCipher-2 Working Draft

From: Anirban Basu <xon-basu@kddi.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 13:35:43 +0900
To: public-webcrypto@w3.org
Message-ID: <562DAD9F.7090104@kddi.com>
Hi Harry,

On 10/26/15 2:44 AM, Harry Halpin wrote:
> One way forward might be develop some sort of polyfill or plug-in based
> on the WebCrypto API. At this point, the API is stable and there will
> likely be little to no changes, although we're working on a way to have
> people propose new algorithms when we send the spec to Rec. Note that
> according to the W3C process, for algorithms to be added to the spec it
> requires two different teams with two interoperable implementations.
> Stay tuned!

KCipher-2 is not new: it was presented in 2007, making it an almost 8
years old cipher. To have two different teams with two interoperable
implementations, I suppose we need to talk to the user-agent developers,
as Ryan mentioned before?

> However, I would update your IETF spec and also ask CFRG [1] for review
> if you are still looking for crytographic review.
>        cheers,
>           harry
> [1] https://irtf.org/cfrg

Please find a security evaluation report of KCipher-2 by CRYPTREC:
http://www.cryptrec.go.jp/estimation/techrep_id2010_2.pdf The CRYPTREC
has evaluated KCipher-2 and selected it as a governmental standard
cipher. ISO has also confirmed the security of KCipher-2 during its
standardisation process.

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