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[Bug 25607] Need to advise authors about security considerations

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Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2014 03:08:43 +0000
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--- Comment #23 from Rich Salz <rsalz@akamai.com> ---
If there's too much technical detail it will go over the heads of those who
most need guidance.  If you want such detail, see the link in comment 9.

As for avoiding a 'living spec' kind of thing, that's the problem with
security: it's all about trade-offs.  You can have a document for the ages that
will never be wrong, but if absent advice of the moment can lead people astray.
If that's what the WG wants, so be it. Others (see comment 7 for example) would

As for the criteria of which algorithms get marked and which don't: I based it
on the advice of Paterson, Graham, Rogaway, NIST, and similar authorities.
Backed up by the papers listed in the would-be security references section. If
the WG wants to make more conservative choices, more power to them.

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