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Re: On a Futures-style API

From: Aymeric Vitte <vitteaymeric@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 11:48:07 +0200
Message-ID: <5177AA57.7040306@gmail.com>
To: Ryan Sleevi <sleevi@google.com>
CC: Richard Barnes <rbarnes@bbn.com>, "public-webcrypto@w3.org Working Group" <public-webcrypto@w3.org>, Alex Russell <slightlyoff@google.com>

Le 24/04/2013 01:28, Ryan Sleevi a écrit :
> On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 4:23 PM, Aymeric Vitte <vitteaymeric@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Le 23/04/2013 19:50, Ryan Sleevi a écrit :
>>> A sample reworking of the WD is at
>>> https://github.com/slightlyoff/DOMFuture/blob/master/reworked_APIs/WebCrytpo/after.idl
>> Why the code examples at the end are not updated with the Future style?
I saw Alex's answer about updating the examples, this would help to 
understand how this works now.
> The above IDL is not a formal update to the spec - that is still
> pending. It was just a sample.
>> Could Futures solve ISSUE-22?
>> Regards,
> The WG reached consensus to close ISSUE-22 and take no further action
> in the spec on our last conference call.

Then the WG is going to close something for which there are real use 
cases and living examples...

I am not very familiar with Futures but I was wondering if a process 
Future could not continue to be chained after you have invoked a finish 
Future, this would simply solve ISSUE-22.


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