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Re: WebCrypto API comments

From: Anders Rundgren <anders.rundgren@telia.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 08:47:21 +0200
Message-ID: <50766B79.4000007@telia.com>
To: Ryan Sleevi <sleevi@google.com>
CC: John Lyle <john.lyle@cs.ox.ac.uk>, public-webcrypto-comments@w3.org
On 2012-10-10 01:10, Ryan Sleevi wrote:

> Providing provable/trusted key generation to an origin is not really
> possible, as a general limitation of the trust model.

I'm not sure what that means.  Key-attestations has been around for a decade.
If the issuer trusts the attestation key you have trusted key generation.

> It's also one
> that is encumbered with an incredible amount of IPR and vastly
> different requirements. GlobalPlatform, SKS, CertEnroll, etc are all
> testament to this problem.

It would be fair mentioning the Google Wallet here as well.

The following is the (to date) only *openly described solution* for secure
key-generation using an enhanced web browser:


>> This means the only option is to provision keys outside the user agent and
>> keep a record of their ID for later use.
>> I appreciate that this is a fairly niche use case and probably out of scope.
>> Best wishes,
>> John
> The above has so far been the recommended solution. Key
> *provisioning*, particularly for secure elements, is largely
> hand-waved as out-of-scope (as it requires WG and sub-WG of it own to
> find any sort of common agreement, and ends up more enterprise-y than
> OAuth2). However, once you have such a key, being able to use it via a
> web origin should "Just Work" as if the origin had directly created it
> (mod the above security considerations about origin-authorized-by-user
> keys and origin-specified-during-keygen keys)

It is out of scope for the WG but is anyway *heavily worked on by all major
platform vendors* albeit in the form of proprietary/secret solutions.

As the tradition in this space requires :-)

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