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ASD review of WebCGM 2.0

From: Cruikshank, David W <david.w.cruikshank@boeing.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:06:05 -0700
Message-ID: <740D2CE97CEE6D4592D28C8B965280F7041B1592@XCH-NW-4V2.nw.nos.boeing.com>
To: <public-webcgm@w3.org>

The Graphics Task Team (GTT) within the AeroSpace & Defence (ASD)
organization has reviewed WebCGM 2.0 and approves its content.

The technical publications area of ASD is responsible for the S1000D
specification and is made up primarily of the Technical Publication
Specification Management Group (TPSMG) and the Electronic Publications
Working Group (EPWG) and consists of country and industry
representatives from 13 countries world wide.  TPSMG also has
collaboration agreements covering development and adoption of S1000D
with Aerospace Industries Assn (AIA), Air Transport Assn (ATA), and
Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL).  The Graphics Task Team (GTT) of
EPWG has kept in close contact with the developers of WebCGM and
provided requirements over the last several years through overlapping
memberships.  Updates on progression of WebCGM 2.0 have been regularly
presented to the EPWG.  S1000D User Forums for the last 2 years have
included presentations on the relationship between S1000D and WebCGM
2.0.  S1000D Issue 2.2, released in May 2005, formally cascaded its CGM
profile from WebCGM 1.0 Release 2. The GTT carefully reviewed WebCGM
just prior to LC and as a result, S1000D Issue 2.3, scheduled for
release in October 2006, cascades off the OASIS CS of WebCGM 2.0, while
waiting for W3C processing to complete.  The next major S1000D version,
Issue 3, is scheduled to cascade from the final W3C Recommendation.

Dave Cruikshank
Member EPWG, GTT, Observer TPSMG
Technical Fellow - Graphics/Digital Data Interchange
Boeing Commercial Airplane
206.544.3560, fax 206.662.3734
Received on Thursday, 31 August 2006 18:06:28 UTC

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