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CfC: LCWD of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS); deadline March 9

From: Arthur Barstow <art.barstow@nokia.com>
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2012 15:24:59 -0500
Message-ID: <4F55211B.4030208@nokia.com>
To: public-webapps <public-webapps@w3.org>
CC: Brad Hill <bhill@paypal-inc.com>, Eric Rescorla <ekr@rtfm.com>
All - WebAppSec has agreed to publish a LCWD of CORS. Since this spec is 
a joint deliverable with WebApps, we are now having a short CfC to 
publish this LC.

If you have any comments or concerns about this CfC, please send them to 
public-webapps@w3.org by March 9 at the latest. Positive response is 
preferred and encouraged and silence will be assumed to be agreement 
with the proposal.

-Thanks, AB

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Subject: 	Re: Transition Request: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) 
to Last Call
Resent-Date: 	Mon, 5 Mar 2012 20:19:03 +0000
Resent-From: 	<public-webappsec@w3.org>
Date: 	Mon, 5 Mar 2012 15:17:57 -0500
From: 	ext Arthur Barstow <art.barstow@nokia.com>
To: 	ext Thomas Roessler <tlr@w3.org>, "Hill, Brad" <bhill@paypal-inc.com>
CC: 	<chairs@w3.org>, "w3t-comm@w3.org Team" <w3t-comm@w3.org>, 
<public-webappsec@w3.org>, Eric Rescorla <ekr@rtfm.com>, "Anne van 
Kesteren (annevk@opera.com)" <annevk@opera.com>

Since last December's CfC was indeed sent to both WGs, I agree with
Thomas that a short CfC for WebApps would be appropriate.

Brad - how about I start that a CfC on public-webapps now and end it on
March 9 and if all goes well, that would enable a LC publication on
March 13. Can you live with that?


On 3/5/12 2:56 PM, ext Thomas Roessler wrote:
>  hi Brad, thanks.
>  Note that a Last Call isn't actually a transition, but instead a
>  decision made by the WG that is announced to a number of lists.  Given
>  that this is a joint deliverable with webapps, you'll want to make
>  sure that the web applications WG concurs with the last call.
>  Art?
>  Thanks,
>  --
>  Thomas Roessler, W3C<tlr@w3.org<mailto:tlr@w3.org>>   (@roessler
>  <https://twitter.com/roessler>)
>  On 2012-03-05, at 20:47 +0100, Hill, Brad wrote:
>>  Thomas,
>>  On behalf of the Web Application Security WG, we request that the
>>  Cross-Origin Resource Sharing specification transition to Last Call
>>  in the following location:
>>  http://www.w3.org/TR/2012/LC-cors-20120308/
>>  This can be published effective Thursday, March 8.
>>  The WG has documented its agreement to advance this specification by
>>  issuing a Call for Consensus on December 19, 2011, responding to
>>  objections raised, and resolving to proceed during our call on
>>  February 28^th .
>>  Thank you,
>>  Brad Hill
>>  Co-chair, WebAppSec WG
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