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[Bug 19919] [Shadow]: iframes as shadow hosts: bugs in chrome v23 or spec change

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Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:20:27 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Mikhail Fursov <mfursov@unipro.ru> ---
The error message looks strange and unrelated, however test syntax is correct
and passes with the following minor mod: ('new SR(n)' commented)

// check one or multiple shadows for more complex element (<iframe>)
test(function () {
    var d = newHTMLDocument();
    var n = d.createElement('iframe');


    var s1 = {ownerDocument: d};//new SR(n);
    assert_equals(s1.ownerDocument, d, 'Check1 for s1.ownerDocument value');

    var s2 = {ownerDocument: d};//new SR(n);
    assert_equals(s2.ownerDocument, d, 'Check1 for s2.ownerDocument value');

    assert_equals(s1.ownerDocument, d, 'Check2 for s1.ownerDocument value');

}, 'A_04_00_01_T02', PROPS(A_04_00_01, {
    author:'Mikhail Fursov <mfursov@unipro.ru>',

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