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[Bug 18863] [Custom]: Consider only restricting naming to contain a dash

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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 22:52:02 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Daniel Buchner <danieljb2@gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> In a world with numerous custom components, the tag namespace will become a
> crowded place. 
> Therefore, vendors are likely to prefix anyway, and it's much nicer to have:
>   g-button
>   jq-button
>   yui-button
> vs
>   x-g-button
>   x-jq-button
>   x-yui-button
> For that reason, I'm very much in favor of eliding the "x-".
> Since there are no HTML tags that contain HYPHEN today, I hoping we can grab
> up this rule for custom components. 
> Scott

I am not really a fan of this for a few reasons:

1. <x-____> is immediately recognizable to anyone viewing source, as opposed to
scanning for a dash somewhere in a name

2. Do we really want to end up with this: <-sometag> or <sometag->, if not, are
we going to institute another restriction that the tag cannot begin or end with
a dash?

3. Is namespacing for tag names really as much a concern as JS variables? I
would argue that it isn't, because 99% of the time you know what tags are
included in your app.

4. The Firefox implementation is basically 3 feet from touching down on the
tarmac, and though this isn't a huge change (I'm guessing), is it really
providing a significant value?

Let me know what you folks thing about the above.

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