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Re: Proposal to work on Geolocation

From: Doug Schepers <schepers@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 18:34:24 -0400
Message-ID: <483C8C70.4020406@w3.org>
To: Ian Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>
Cc: public-webapi@w3.org, chaals@opera.com

Hi, Ian-

Ian Hickson wrote (on 5/27/08 6:09 PM):
> On Tue, 27 May 2008, Doug Schepers wrote:
>> The W3C intends to follow through on that, and to allocate Team 
>> resources to this valuable technology.  We will announce something 
>> formal soon.
>> Rest assured that Mike and I are intent on ensuring that there is no 
>> scope creep for this API, and that the Geolocation API WG will take a 
>> pragmatic, vendor-aware approach, and will act quickly.
> Sure, the proposal to work in the Web API working group is only intended 
> to be a stop-gap measure while we wait for the wheels of the W3C to turn. 
> It would be sad to delay this while we wait for charters to be written and 
> so forth.

That's a very reasonable concern.  Since we are hoping for the WebApps 
WG to be chartered as soon as we hear back from the AC reps (hopefully a 
couple of weeks or less), it may not be appropriate to do it here... let 
me do some digging regarding an appropriate forum at W3C, and get back 
to you in the next couple of days.

In trying to manage expectations, I may have overstated the case, for 
what it's worth... there hasn't been a formal decision by W3M on this 
matter, merely a proposal for moving forward effectively, in a manner 
that best serves all parties.  It's not a fait accompli, and I shouldn't 
have represented it that way.  But a new Geolocation API WG seems a 
sensible solution, on the face of it, and I hope that you'll all support 
the idea.

In the meantime, I've removed the proposed Geolocation API from the 
WebApps charter.

Regarding proposed deliverables in general, I've provided a mechanism 
for that which I hope will be more agile, while providing due 
oversight... rather than rechartering the WG, we can merely present a 
proposal to the AC (based on initial use cases, requirements, research, 
etc.), and formally add it to our list of deliverables upon approval.  I 
anticipate steady progress in this group, so as we free up resources, we 
should keep looking forward for useful things that we can work on.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG, CDF, and WebAPI
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