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Re: Minutes, DOM3 Events telcon for 6 Feb 2008

From: Stewart Brodie <stewart.brodie@antplc.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 11:00:48 +0000
To: public-webapi@w3.org
Message-ID: <4892cd0a2c0991f8ba6fa206cbb3451da4b18099@localhost>

Doug Schepers <schepers@w3.org> wrote:

> Hi, WebAPI fans-
> Here are the minutes for the DOM3 Events telcon for 6 Feb 2008. Sorry 
> for the funky formatting.
>   http://www.w3.org/2008/02/06-webapi-minutes.html

>     [2:47pm] aemmons: CM: I could not find a DOM Level 2 events test
>     suite
>     [2:47pm] aemmons: DS: I do not think one exists
>     [2:47pm] aemmons: CM: How wass this tested in the past?
>     [2:47pm] aemmons: DS: Not sure
>     [2:47pm] aemmons: CM: How did it become a Recommendation
>     [2:48pm] aemmons: Av: The requirements were more loose at that time
>     [2:48pm] aemmons: CM: Should we have tests for DOM Level 2 Events?
>     [2:48pm] aemmons: DS: May be useful, where there is overlap

There is an existing test suite for DOM Level 2 events and DOM Level 3
events.  It's in the CVS server on dev.w3.org in the 2001/DOM-Test-Suite
component.  That's what I use to test our implementation.

It doesn't test some of what I would consider the more obscure aspects of
DOM Level 3 events - no doubt because none of the large desktop vendors
support it yet.

>     [2:53pm] aemmons: Av: The biggest problem is that it requires
>     namespaces on events
>     [2:53pm] aemmons: Av: I do not think people are implementing the
>     namespacing
>     [2:54pm] aemmons: DS: I understand that there are people who dislike
>     namespaces,
>     [2:55pm] aemmons: DS: I am not sure it is a blocker for the spec
>     [2:55pm] aemmons: Av: It is the think we do not see people
>     implementing
>     [2:55pm] aemmons: Av: It does not make sense for us to ship it if
>     others do not as well

I have implemented everything in DOM Level 3 events except for event groups.
Namespaces are incredibly simple to support.

** NOTE: I've taken this next quote out of context from the transcript: **
>     [2:54pm] aemmons: DS: I am sure Microsoft will be involved in this
>     process

I'd really like it if IE implemented DOM events (level 2, let alone level 3)
None of the tests I've ever tried on it have done anything, leading me to
believe it doesn't support DOM events at all.  Does it?

>     [2:56pm] aemmons: DS: Another thing is - do authors want this?
>     [2:56pm] aemmons: Av: Poeple hardly use namespaced elements, which
>     have been around a long time
>     [2:57pm] aemmons: AE: We've found them useful for content that uses
>     CustomEvent

It is very useful when you are building content that is going to be a
component of a larger framework and may need to interwork with other third
party content.

Our TV UI content can happily use whatever event names it likes, because it
will have used a separate namespace to avoid any potential clashes with
other systems.

>     [2:58pm] aemmons: DS: We need to make sure the spec is consistent
>     and in publishable form
>     [2:58pm] aemmons: DS: Good test suite
>     [2:58pm] aemmons: DS: And that Key Events are acceptable for all the
>     vendors

TBH, I think that the whole area of Key events is a total mess.  I don't
understand the reluctance to at least document the "keypress" event, which
is what the vast majority of content on the web seems to rely on, rather
than just keyup and keydown.  None of the HTML authors I've spoken to have
ever heard of textInput.

>     [3:05pm] aemmons: DS: Because most people doing web content, our
>     focus should be ECAMScript for testing

The aforementioned test suites already run within the JSUnit framework, just
like the Core and HTML tests.

Stewart Brodie
Software Engineer
ANT Software Limited
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