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ISSUE-114: Return Values from NSResolver

From: Web APIs Issue Tracker <dean+cgi@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 10:29:35 +0000 (UTC)
To: public-webapi@w3.org
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ISSUE-114: Return Values from NSResolver


Raised by: Lachlan Hunt
On product: Selectors API

There's a few things the Selectors API spec currently doesn't seem to define in
regards to the NSResolver.

1. What should the author make the nsresolver return for the default namespace
when there isn't one?  null, void, "" or either?

2. Given that the UA can never be sure what the author will actually return, the
spec needs to define how the UA must handle all possible return values.

In #webapi, Björn said in relation to #1:

  "well "no namespace" in the dom is indicated by a DOMString that's either
   empty or null, but indeed the draft doesn't seem to note that."

In relation to #2, he said:

  "that's something for the dom/ecmascript clarifications specification
   because the group agreed that that specification would say how to
   handle e.g. methods that expect a DOMString but the script passes
   something else.  and here the only difference is method-parameter
   vs function return value

  "whether null/empty string is actually unexpected depends on whether
   css3-namespaces allows setting up a prefix for "no namespace"
   like, whether @namespace foo ""; is allowed."
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