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Re: [XHR] "the specification of a proxy"...?

From: Asbjørn Ulsberg <asbjorn@ulsberg.no>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 03:57:41 +0200
To: "Simon Pieters" <zcorpan@gmail.com>, "public-webapi@w3.org" <public-webapi@w3.org>
Message-ID: <op.tp202fp05rel5w@quark>

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 23:04:01 +0200, Simon Pieters <zcorpan@gmail.com>  

> I don't understand the construction "If the user agent allows the  
> specification of a proxy". What does it mean to allow the specification  
> of a proxy? What is the specification of a proxy? Or am I just  
> misreading it?

I guess it means "an HTTP proxy server" which is often used as a means of  
caching and filtering web content in corporate networks, universities and  
such. I guess the specification should define the word "proxy" a bit more  

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