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Re: [comment-rex] result of an event

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 15:53:01 +0900
Message-Id: <CFA9B208-FEA5-4C6A-B826-3D1B650C0849@w3.org>
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To: Robin Berjon <robin.berjon@expway.fr>

Hi Robin,

Le 21 sept. 06 à 20:10, Robin Berjon a écrit :
> On Jul 03, 2006, at 06:32, karl@w3.org wrote:
>> About http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-rex-20060202/#elem-event
>> What's happening when an event replaces a chunk of XML in a  
>> document and for example creates a new id in the document which  
>> already exists elsewhere. Specifically when a further event  
>> applies on this specific id value.
>> Ex: 1. document with id="foo"
>> 	2. event1 creates another id="foo" somewhere
>> 	3. event2 applies on id="foo" (but there are now two in the  
>> document)
> In order to avoid redefining the error handling defined in other  
> specifications, REX defers to the underlying DOM that is being  
> manipulated for such issues, as described in section 6.1. If the  
> underlying DOM has undefined behaviour for such a case, it's not  
> our job to fix it.
> Hoping that this addresses your concern,

Referring to section 6.1 makes sense, though there might be a *minor*  
problem about wording,
	"it is up to the host language to handle the error,"

It is not clear that a "language handles error", would it better to  
rephrase as
	"the error is handled by the mechanisms prescribed in the  
specification of the host language"
or something even clearer if the WG can come with a good sentence.

Yes it addresses my concern, modulo the wording of section 6.1 :)

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