Dear all,

I have seen the the following statement: in the working draft [1] that specifies the XMLHttpRequestObject

"A more complete description of what can be done with XMLHttpRequest can be found in the IDL below and its associated details. The IDL is non-normative and does not intend to conform to [OMGIDL]. Only the language bindings are normative."

It really sounds strange to me. To specify something in IDL that is not OMG-IDL-conformant but you are going to use the bindings of OMG-IDL. Strange.

If you are not going to use the sintax and semantics of OMG-IDL it could be better not specifying the object in IDL. You could do it directly in EcmaScript. IDL is accurate when you have to deal with multiple programming languages, but this is not the case.

Best Regards

Jose Manuel Cantera
Senior Technologist
Telefonica I+D