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Re: Judge's ruling on the early history of Eolas vs. Viola (try #2)

From: Hector Santos <winserver.support@winserver.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 16:23:34 -0400
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Hi Richard,

Thanks posting the ruling.

In my opinion,  this was a very poor defense.  Microsoft's law team failed
to do a complete history on this fundamental concept of remote client/server
interactive designs.   The creation of interactive Frontend and the ability
to "automatically" enhance their capabilities dates back well into the 80's.

As much as I don't like ActiveX and similar automated execution of client
side operations,  this ruling has me completed at a lost.  I am completely
shell shocked by the Judge's decisive making process.  On the one hand, he
reads Mr.  Doyle was deception in some aspects, but understood it to be the
natural attribute of human greed where it is conceivable to hide truths and
facts, thus Mr. Doyle can not be faulted for his natural capitalistic human
intentions.   What is this a game?     Based on what I see in this judge's
thinking,  he should of been presented with all historical information
regarding client/server interaction systems, from day one and the natural
"human" progression of adding "smarts" to the evolving input process from
punch cards,  dumb terminals,  PCs, etc.   I mean, there is just far too
many examples of obviousness it is mind boggling.

Hector Santos, CTO
Santronics Software, Inc.
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Subject: Judge's ruling on the early history of Eolas vs. Viola (try #2)

> http://www.computerbytesman.com/906patent/ruling.pdf
> In my previous message, the uscourts.gov URL was apparently designed to
> timeout after awhile, so I've mirror the ruling PDF file at my Web site.
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