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Chopper Ops Christmas Gift to You

From: Chopper Ops <news@chopperops.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:17:07 -0800
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 Chopper Ops Christmas Gift to You

Thank you from Chopper Ops,


Brand new Complete Front End with Billet Triple Trees, Steering Stem, Fork Legs, Axle, including Mounts for Fender and Brake. We don't charge more for 3 or 6 degree trees, fender brackets, duel or single disk set up.

Offer is for 0, 3, or 6 degree trees and up to 6 over. If you require more then 6 over, just let me know, it's not a big deal.

Make no mistake about it; this is a very high end part at a LOWER then dealer price. Merry Christmas.

$1800.00 plus $69.00 shipping USD. Canadian’s, please call. 


Want a Deal on Wheels? Yes, then contact Chopper Ops and ask for one. A Closed Mouth Never Gets Fed. 

Chopper Ops wheels are manufactured by Industry Professionals who have been defining this wheel industry for many, many years. Chopper Ops wheels are made to exacting standards, and with there Classic look, will be with you for many years to come. Please feel free to compare our wheels to any on the market today. If you want a wheel manufactured by some of the best, you've come to the right place. 

Don't be fooled by our low prices. Chopper Ops has made it possible for you to own high end wheels at a reasonable price.


Complete Dress-Up Kits for your ride.

Tired of paying high prices for your chrome and polished hardware? Chopper Ops is the quality and price leader for chrome and polished fasteners. Our Price Guarantee: We will meet or beat any qualified pricing for stock items. 

All of our chrome hardware is baked after plating. This is essential to maintaining the strength and integrity of the part. There are suppliers who don't take this extra step. 

All of our chrome screws and bolts are made from Grade 8 steel, providing superior performance over grade 5 fasteners. 

Quality is essential. This Chrome Hardware started it's business supplying fasteners for helicopters and military aircraft, the space shuttle and satellites, submarines and other critical applications. We know the importance of quality.

If you haven’t done so already, please go to www.chopperops.com and click ‘Sign up for our mailing list’ button and update your information to receive notifications of specials related to your bike, and interest’s. Thank you. 

    - Take advantage of Chopper Ops high end parts at a low end price. Contact Chopper Ops now and ask for that great deal your looking for. -

63.5mm Complete Front End - http://www.chopperops.com/frontend.htm 

Chopper Ops Wheels - http://www.chopperops.com/billetwheels.htm

Chrome Hardware, Complete Dress-Up Kits. - http://www.chopperops.com/chrome_hardware.htm 

Chopper Ops Home - http://www.chopperops.com

 Serving the riding community and those who support it.

Chopper Ops
4213 Farquhar Ave. Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Web Site: http://www.chopperops.com
E-mail: info@chopperops.com
Phone: 562.795.0294

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