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[Cloud Browser] minutes - 30 March 2016

From: Yosuke Funahashi <yosuke@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 00:44:54 +0900
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                   Web and TV IG: Cloud Browser TF call

30 Mar 2016

    See also: [2]IRC log

       [2] http://www.w3.org/2016/03/30-webtv-irc


           Yosuke, Alexandra, Kaz, Colin, Nilo, Bill, Harrison




      * [3]Topics
          1. [4]introdiction
          2. [5]Cloud Browser TF f2f meeting
          3. [6]Cloud Browser Architecture
      * [7]Summary of Action Items
      * [8]Summary of Resolutions


    <inserted> scribenick: yosuke

    <inserted> Scribe: Yosuke

    Alex: Hi everybody!
    ... Now we got back to a stable time slot after the DST change.

Cloud Browser TF f2f meeting

    Alex: I wanted to talk about the introduction.
    ... And have a question to Yosuke and Kaz about NAB.
    ... I thought it's a good time to have a meeting.
    ... June or July might be better from PoV of our work progress.
    ... If we can keep in touch with each other
    ... at W3C booth or something at NABSHOW, that'd be great.

    Kaz: We need to check with BizDev and Comm team.

    ALex: okay.
    ... It might be good to have an f2f a couple of months later.
    ... We are gonna start requirement phase from July.
    ... That might be a good time.

    Kaz: Do you have any image about the venue?
    ... The W3C/Keio will have its 20th anniversary event
    ... June 9th, we should avoid the date unless we want to have
    our meeting in Makuhari :)
    ... having our meeting in Makuhari around the event might be a
    good idea.

    Alex: My initial idea was holding it in Europe or Korea.
    ... But Japan can be another option.

    <alexandra_mikityuk> :)

    Nilo: One day or half day? It matters because we need to justfy
    the travel cost.
    ... One day is not long enought to justify a trip to Japan.

    Alex: Make sense. Two to three days sounds good. We have lots
    of use cases.
    ... I will think about it.

Cloud Browser Architecture

    Alex: We had received an info from Yosukke
    ... about the finalization of MSE/EME V1
    ... Recently I spent most of my time to put together
    ... and write down requirements related to MSE/EME.
    ... This is not with in the formal process of the TF.
    ... But I think this is good to quickly draft something
    ... that can be helpful for the TF work as well.
    ... I will finish writing it by the end of this week.
    ... Some of the requirements would be easy to implement.
    ... Others might not.
    ... We need to talk to MSE and EME experts on this topic.
    ... Harrison, could you talk about your slides?

    Harrison: Sure.

    [Harrison is using screen share on webex.]

    <inserted> [Harrison will send the slides out to the public
    group list after the call.]

    Harrison: Per the request from Alex and the TF,
    ... I created this doc.
    ... We have single and double streams approach.
    ... I beliive we need double streams appoach
    ... in light of requirements for decode performance, latency,
    ... quality of service is the key for success.

    Harrison: Most of network burden could be centralized to IDC.
    ... Our proposal has two approaches:

    [Explaining Single Stream approach diagram]

    [Explaining Double Stream approach diagram]

    Kaz: My quesiont is
    ... What do the colors of boxes in the diagra mean?

    Harrison: Red means video from OTT services.
    ... Blue means anything else including our cloud browser UI.
    ... The key feature of this blue player is GoD mode.
    ... It's great about latency.
    ... Case #1 is better.
    ... Some cable operators are doing something like this.

    Kaz: Optical fiber connection or broadband connection could be
    used for the red line between the Streaming Server and the
    Video Player

    Harrison: Not necessarily.
    ... I'm assuming ordinary lines people use to view Netflix and

    Alex: Thanks for the presentation.
    ... As for Case #2, [The Double Stream approach contains two
    ... We need to terminate the MSE/EME pipeline
    ... at cloud browser.
    ... Adaptive-streaming-wise, we need some adjustment here
    ... Somebody might not allow to parse a manifest.
    ... Could you tell me something about it?

    Harrison: [Explaining his experience about OTT servicers and
    manifests.] ... So, it depends on the policy of OTT services.
    ... Technically, it's easy.
    ... We might need to use both of these cases
    ... because each servicer might have a different policy.

    Harrison: We need to manage the issue case by case.

    Kaz: Regarding Case #1
    ... We need to have some meta manager to handle the content
    right for video streaming, right?

    Harrison: I think so.
    ... The VoD player was controled by OTT servicers.
    ... The OTT servicers can do whatever they want.

    Alex: My homework would be to put these casees to the
    ... on the wiki.
    ... I also put other points about MSE/EME together.

    Harrison: Any questions by emails are welcome.

    <kaz> yosuke: [expresses some concerns about our putting
    EME/MSE within the Architecture discussion]

    <kaz> kaz: asks if it would be useful to add some note on the
    Architecture wiki at:


    Yosuke: We need some explanation
    ... about our choice of streaming tech (MSE/EME) in this
    ... Because we are still on early stages of our use case work.
    ... So, choosing MSE and EME in the Harrison's diagram at this
    ... might confuse the IG members who don't know the context.

    <kaz> kaz: in that case, it would be helpful if Harrison could
    add some explanation why he included MSE/EME in his slides
    (e.g., their cloud browsing module already handles MSE/EME)
    when he sends his slides to the group. Is that OK by you,

    <kaz> Harrison: ok

    Alex: I'll do my action item for the architecture.
    ... I've done through the agenda item.
    ... If you come to NABSHOW
    ... please send me an email.
    ... Let's talk about CB.
    ... This is not an official f2f meeting.
    ... AOB?



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

    [End of minutes]

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Yosuke Funahashi
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