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From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 00:43:57 +0200
To: public-wcag2ict-tf@w3.org
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Add the following to the intent of SC 1.3.3 in Understanding WCAG: WCAG was designed to apply only to controls that were displayed on a web page. The intent was to avoid describing controls solely via references to visual or auditory cues. When applying this to instructions for operating physical hardware controls (e.g. a web kiosk with dedicated content), tactile cues on the hardware might be described (e.g. the arrow shaped key, the round key on the right side). This success criterion is not intended to prevent the use of tactile cues in instructions.
RESOLUTION: Add the text above to SC1.3.3 in Understanding WCAG2

RESOLUTION: Add Note to 2.4.6 Understanding doc - "Note: This success criterion does not REQUIRE heading and labels, just that, if they are provided, they be descriptive. Also note that, if headings are provided, they must be programmatically determinable per 1.3.1."

RESOLUTION: The following sentence be added to the INTENT section of SC 3.2.1 Note: What is meant by 'component' here is also sometimes called 'user interface element' or 'user interface component'. -- And -- the following sentence be added to the INTENT section of SC 3.2.2. Note: What is meant by 'component' and 'user interface component' here is also sometimes called 'user interface element'.

RESOLUTION: That the erratum for WCAG 2.0 reflect that in SC 3.2.1 the word component should be changed to "user interface component" 
and the following note added to the definition: Note: What is meant by 'component' or 'user interface component' here is also sometimes called 'user interface element'.

RESOLUTION: Add to errata: Fix the link for "set of web pages"  in SC 3.2.4 to point to the "set of web pages" definition instead of "Web Pages" and add to INTENT:  Note: the link above to Web pages should have been a link to "set of web pages".

RESOLUTION: Add note to 3.3.2 of " Note: if labels are provided, the label relationship to the object labeled must be programmatically determined or described in text per SC 1.3.1."

RESOLUTION: the WCAG group does not accept the following note: If authors do not write or edit markup languages directly they can assume this provision is met.

RESOLUTION: The working group agrees with the sentiment but cannot find the right wording so returns it... for more consideration. "This is not meant to apply to markup languages that are not parsed by general purpose web browsers and assistive technologies."

RESOLUTION: add the note... NOTE: With the exception of one success criterion (1.4.4 - that specifically mentions that the effect specified by the success criterion must be achieved without relying on an assistive technology) authors can meet the success criteria with content that assumes use of an assistive technology (or access features in use agents) by the user, where such assistive technologies (or access features in user agents) exist and are available to the user.

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