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More information for combining 1.3.4 into 1.3.1

From: Becky Gibson <Becky_Gibson@notesdev.ibm.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 15:57:10 -0500
To: public-wcag-teamc@w3.org
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I made the suggested updates directly into a version of 1.3.1 in the 
Wiki.[1]  There were only three changes,  they are marked up using <1.3.4 
ins> and </1.3.4 ins>.  One change is in the intent section, another is to 
the list of techniques and the last in the benefits section.  Otherwise I 
think all of the information in 1.3.4 is already covered in 1.3.1 

I also think that we should propose changing G115: Using semantic elements 
to mark up structure[2]  from a general technique to an HTML technique as 
all of the examples are HTML. 

I think we should fold H49: Using semantic markup to mark emphasized or 
special text [3] into G115 (after making G115 and HTML technique).  Both 
G115 and H49 have cite, blockquote, em,  and strong examples, 
1) Move the sub/super and quote examples from H49 into G115. 
2) The description in H49 has the same information covered in G115. Add 
the following sentence to the end of the second paragraph in the 
description of G115:  "Most user agents will visually distinguish text 
that has been identified using semantic markup. Some assistive 
technologies provide a mechanism for determining the characteristics of 
content that has been created using proper semantic markup. "
3) Add the user agent Notes from H49 into G115.
4) Add the following resources from H49 into  G115:
     4.1)HTML 4.01 Quotations: The BLOCKQUOTE and Q elements
     4.2)HTML 4.01 Subscripts and superscripts: the SUB and SUP elements
     4.3)[begin add] Fixing Quotes in Internet Explorer [end add] [LC-695]

That just leaves the test procedures - which presents a bit of a problem. 
The one for H49 is much more specific about checking for variations in 
presentation in text but technically is still covered via the test 
procedure in G115.  Here is a possible combination:

1. Check if there parts of  the content that convey information through 
presentation or semantic function.
2. For each part that conveys information through presentation or has a 
semantic function, if corresponding semantic markup exists in the 
technology, check that the content has been marked up using that semantic 

Expected results:
Check #2 is true.

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