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Re: thoughts/comments on Issues 581, 597, 602

From: Loretta Guarino Reid <lguarino@adobe.com>
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 18:07:20 -0700
To: Tim Boland <frederick.boland@nist.gov>, <public-wcag-teamb@w3.org>
Message-ID: <C0A78058.11EC5%lguarino@adobe.com>


  We need to evaluate the comment in light of what our glossary says about
the definition of "change of context".
  The other definitions are helpful to think about whether our usage will be
misleading to someone who is thinking of those other definitions (rather
than the definition in our glossary.) If this is the case, it could be
making the guidelines harder to understand.
 It sounds like the issue here is when is a context change caused by
"content that changes the meaning of the Web unit". Do we think the example
proposed changes the meaning, or not? That is, do we think this example
passes or fails this SC?
  If the user interface is just giving us different views or rendering of
the same underlying content, I don't think it changes the meaning. But I can
see whether this might be open to interpretation, especially if panning or
zooming is implemented by generating a new map that contains information
that wasn't available in the old.


On 6/3/06 1:19 PM, "Tim Boland" <frederick.boland@nist.gov> wrote:

> Issue 581:
> May need some discussion. Change of context is different from a change of
> content. WCAG2.0 defines in Glossary "change of context" and "content".
> Some additional definitions of "context" I found were "discourse that
> surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation", "the
> set of facts,
> circumstances, and conditions which surround an event", "the items in scope
> with respect to the current position in the document", "the circumstances
> relevant
> to something under consideration", "the part of a text or statement that
> surrounds
> a particular word or passage and determines its meaning", and "the
> circumstances
> in which an event occurs (a setting)" . This SC does not specifically disallow
> activities involving change of content, but in general, do we need to more
> explicitly
> delineate/separate the concepts of content and context in WCAG?
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