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proof reading.

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 16:41:31 -0500
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I have not been getting any proof reading errors or reports.   The Final
document is going out tomorrow.  

Ben has done all the translation - and we have proofread the guidelines
twice - and the HTM once through.




 It would be REALLY helpful  if those of you who have worked on SC would 


1)       look at the HTM's quickly for your SC  (shouldn't take long) and
just see if anything looks fishy.  

2)       Look at the TECHNIQUES docs.   


No one has proofread the techniques.  Ben and his team have built them all
but he has not had time to look and find even obvious errors.


Please give them a look and send me any errors you find. 


Remember - this is shipping tomorrow - and their belief in our work will be
affected by the output.  If it is full of silly mistakes it won't look too
good.   We worked really hard to get all this done.   Lets not skip the last
look and ship something with obvious stuff in it.




PS  remember to send the edits to me.  I am compiling and sending to Ben.  


PPS  there are some edits that we have for Understanding WCAG 2.0 that are
not made yet.

I will try to summarize them for you.  But they are all copy editing edits -
so if you see something wrong wrong - let me know right away.   


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