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Rough draft for 3.2 L2SC3

From: Neil Soiffer <neils@dessci.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 17:45:44 -0700
Message-ID: <D1EFB337111B674B8F1BE155B01C6DD60DB778@franklin.corp.dessci>
To: <public-wcag-teama@w3.org>
My apologies for not getting this sent sooner.  My company added SPF (anti-spam relay software) and apparently the W3C makes use of this... and my email configuration is getting blocked.  Hopefully, I'll find a solution that doesn't involve using webmail...

Attached is my (belated) rough draft for  level 2 SC3.  As I stated when I 
took this on, I'm not very knowledgable in this area and the draft is based 
on what I could find in previous discussions and searching of related 
documents.  I will be traveling starting Wednesday and because my laptop 
seems dead, I will likely be out of email contact until the weekend.  Feel 
free to dice and slice as the group feels fit.

Neil Soiffer
Senior Scientist
Design Science, Inc.
~ Makers of Equation Editor, MathType, MathPlayer and MathFlow ~

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