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Antw: Re: [important] group input on Easy-to-Read symposium

From: Klaus Miesenberger <Klaus.Miesenberger@jku.at>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 07:33:00 +0100
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To: <simon.harper@manchester.ac.uk>,"Shadi Abou-Zahra" <shadi@w3.org>
Cc: "Andrea Petz" <Andrea.Petz@jku.at>, "Kerstin Matausch" <Kerstin.Matausch@ki-i.at>, "RDWG" <public-wai-rd@w3.org>
This is right Simon. Other conferences send it back - BUT we have to work on each paper also (easier to do small things yourself thn sending back and checking again) - none of the 186 papers at last ICCHP were exactly in the formal Springer prescribes (including our own ones (-:).
BUT what makes it easier at other conferences is the fact that publishers like Springer or conferences provide templates for tools used in everyday practice for editing (e.g. rtf, doc, odt, tex) where authors do not have to care about coding in the background. 
Of course we can say authors should know valid HTML and am sure they do, but we need a user dirven approach as most editing tools produce everything else than valid HTML and cleaning up is a nightmare. A work around as you described with GoogleDocs would be a very good support to authors and would smoothen the process.
Or is there any HTML editor we can recommend? Or should we set up a web page (with e.g. tinyMC, CK)  where authors can enter text directly. But again they might use copy and paste out of a document format what will also copy the styles. 

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>>> Simon Harper <simon.harper@manchester.ac.uk> 22.11.2012 09:14 >>>
Hi Shadi,
let me take these in order:
1) looks good.
2) I (and most of the group - all except Kerstin) want the normal
system / I support this - if we have to limit attendees then we have
no choice.
3) I think this is an author issue, Klaus can we send the ones with
coding errors back - this is how it's normally done at conferences as
authors are the stakeholders with more invested than anyone else and
so are more likely to do the work - and it is the editors
responsibility to get them changed - Klaus this is how it works at
ICCHP right?
4) I think the chairs seem to have everything in hand and we have
meeting next week only for these comments too.



PS I check my email at 08:00 and 17:00 GMT. If you require a faster
response please include the word 'fast' in the subject line.

Simon Harper

University of Manchester (UK)
Web Ergonomics Lab - Information Management Group

On 21/11/12 08:02, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
> Dear Group and E2R symposium co-chairs,
> In lieu of this week's meeting I'd like to get your input via
> mail.
> #1. Please review the updated symposium page and let us know any 
> thoughts you may have -- the symposium co-chairs are working on
> the agenda section but otherwise it should be ready: -
> <http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2012/easy-to-read/>
> #2. Please share your thoughts on teleconferencing system -- The
> setup for TC4R worked quite well but it is limited to ~50
> participants (we had 40+ participants). There are benefits to allow
> more participants but also drawbacks (more noise and chatter, less
> focused discussion, more overhead to manage, ...), most
> importantly, the other system we tried didn't have the same level
> of quality -- we need to decide!
> #3. Some of the listed papers have character-encoding bugs that
> crept in during the QA process (how ironic!) -- any volunteers to
> help clean up the HTML in some of these papers?
> #4. Please share any other thoughts about potential questions to
> raise, discussion to have, or other suggestions you may have for
> the co-chairs to consider for the symposium -- they are preparing
> now.
> Thanks, Shadi
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