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Fwd: CSS Review Assistance Needed

From: Shadi Abou-Zahra <shadi@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 09:37:23 +0200
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To: RDWG <public-wai-rd@w3.org>
Dear RDWG,

Please find below a request for volunteers from the W3C/WAI Protocols 
and Formats Working Group (PFWG) to help review the CSS specifications 
for accessibility. This is very important for web accessibility.


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Subject: CSS Review Assistance Needed
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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 17:47:50 -0400
From: Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net>
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Please share this message with your Working Groups as you see fit.

PF needs a little help coming to grips with a11y issues in CSS.

Because HTML has taken so much of our time and energy; because some key
people who looked after CSS issues for PF have been unable to
participate in PF recently; because CSS has modularized its specs;
because there are significant numbers of new participants in CSS who
have little background in a11y;

For all these reasons PF has determined to conduct a top to bottom
overview of CSS. We need to have a solid understanding of where there
are a11y issues that need to be addressed. And, we need to conclude this
overview before TPAC so that we can begin to address these issues, in a
systematic manner, with the CSS WG beginning with a face to face meeting
with them during TPAC.

Unfortunately, this is a big job because the CSS specs are numerous. So,
we're asking help from others in WAI to achieve this goal. We propose
that people sign up to review particular CSS modules, much as we
parceled out the work of HTML Last Call Working Draft review. To this
end we've created a Wiki to identify who will review which module, and
to collect comments:


We would propose to schedule two or three teleconferences during October
to help pull the knowledge thus gained together into a shared
understanding that we can appropriately represent to CSS at TPAC.

If you can help, please sign up for a module that interests you. If I,
or Michael Cooper can help you decide which modules to look at, we'd be
happy to do that, including joining your WGs briefly to further clarify
and organize this work.

Thanking you all in advance on behalf of PF,



Janina Sajka,	Phone:	+1.443.300.2200

Chair, Open Accessibility	janina@a11y.org	
Linux Foundation		http://a11y.org

Chair, Protocols & Formats
Web Accessibility Initiative	http://www.w3.org/wai/pf
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
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