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Re: my reflections on next symposia

From: Yeliz Yesilada <yyeliz@metu.edu.tr>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 13:24:59 +0200
Cc: giorgio brajnik <brajnik@uniud.it>, public-wai-rd@w3.org
Message-Id: <F0886FCC-0E2E-431E-AF13-397435F53563@metu.edu.tr>
To: Markel Vigo <markel.vigo@manchester.ac.uk>
> I also would like to know how many people that committed to joining the call did finally attend the symposium. We can discuss these figures on Thursday.

I think we have to keep a record of people who registered but did not attend, especially if they did not specify any reason why they could not attend. This is mainly because the lines were limited and their registration meant other people could not attend. I would be in favour of keeping the list and in the next webinar we can penalise them by giving priority to other people, may be I am too strict, sorry :)

Yeliz Yesilada. 
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