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Re: Seminar format, participation, outcomes

From: Simon Harper <simon.harper@manchester.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 08:59:55 +0100
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Hi Shawn, thanks for these. I think we'll add these to the discussion on 
Thursday and get them hammered out then - indeed once fixed we can also 
add them to the procedure so they are active for future topics.



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Simon Harper

University of Manchester (UK)
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On 31/08/2011 01:13, Shawn Henry wrote:
>  Hi all,
> Exciting that you're close to the first RDWG event!
> In reviewing the draft call and working on announcements, I have some 
> questions and thoughts about how the seminars will be run, who will 
> participate, outcomes, and such.
> Seminar format:
> * Will the actual seminar be more like conference sessions where 
> people present papers and there is only a little question and answer 
> time? If so, how will the reports/"consolidated findings"/WG Notes be 
> developed? Just by RDWG afterward?
> * Or, will the seminars be more like workshops where people discuss 
> issues and attempt to come to some conclusions (which might be 
> specific recommendations, &/or defining additional research needs)? 
> This seems much more useful. For this, would participants be expected 
> to read the papers before the seminar so that they have some shared 
> background knowledge? Then there be no need to spend time on paper 
> presentations -- maybe just a 2 minute summary of each to set the 
> stage for the discussions. I imagine once the papers were selected 
> then the chairs would refine the agenda of discussion topics around 
> the information and questions provided and raised in them. Thoughts on 
> this?
> * Will it be teleconference (voice only) with IRC? Or video 
> conference? Or ways to share "slides"? Or other collaborative tools? 
> (of course, logistical load increases exponentially with anything 
> beyond voice and IRC.)
> * Will it be recorded and available afterward?
> * Will it be 2 hours or more?
> Participants:
> * What are the submission requirements?
> In many cases I think there will be people who you would like to have 
> in the discussion, but who do not have the research completed to 
> submit a formal paper - or the time or inclination to do a formal 
> paper. I think you'll want an option for people to submit a formal 
> paper for publication *or* a short position paper that is more a 
> proposal to participate (e.g., like many CHI workshops).
> * What will be the criteria for allowing people to participate? For 
> example, anyone who submits a reasonable formal or position paper 
> *and* commits to reading all of the formal papers before the seminar? 
> Only people active in the specific topic area will be invited based on 
> their paper? Only people whose formal papers are accepted? (btw, I 
> think not the latter!) I can imagine a scenario where someone submits 
> a paper, but it is deemed not publishable - yet you think they would 
> be good contributors to the seminar discussion.
> * Will there be different levels of participation, e.g., presenters 
> and observers? If so, who can observe?
> Some of the details might be more internal issues, yet some of it I 
> think needs to be reflected in the Call and announcements. Based on 
> decisions around these questions, I will have suggestions for revising 
> the Call, including the terminology.
> Best,
> ~Shawn
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