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RDIG April 14 Telecon Summary

From: Markku T. Hakkinen <hakkinen@dinf.ne.jp>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:43:41 -0400
To: Public-Wai-Rd <public-wai-rd@w3.org>
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Mark Hakkinen
Wendy Chisholm
Hazel Kennedy


1. Discussion questions

Mark will send a request to the RDIG list for additional discussion

2. Agenda Review

Planned agenda:

Chair's Introduction
General Introduction - Jan Richards, ATRC, U. of Toronto
Presenter 1 - Alison Lee, IBM Thomas J Watson Research Lab
Presenter 2 - Suhit Gupta and Gail Kaiser, Columbia University
Presenter 3 - Gottfried Zimmerman, TRACE R&D Center, U. of Wisconsin

This agenda will be part of the call for participation email, that is being

3. Logistical Issues

Wendy is checking with the transcriptionist to see if IRC can be used. Also
checking with WGBH for alternative methods.

Discussed IPR issues related to the event.

Should we be concerned about publishing transcript of real-time captions or
audio recording of event? Most likely only a summary of minutes will be
published. Should something be added to the registration that allows people
to waive issues w/publishing audio and/or transcript on w3c site?

Action wendy: check with judy

4. Next Topic Discussion

Mark will propose a topic for a teleconference event on Accessible
Interfaces to Semantic Information.  This was prompted from a discussion at
a recent Daisy/NISO standards meeting.

Conference Call ends early.
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