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RE: EvalTF Agenda Telco

From: Boland Jr, Frederick E. <frederick.boland@nist.gov>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 10:03:15 -0500
To: "Velleman, Eric" <evelleman@bartimeus.nl>, "public-wai-evaltf@w3.org" <public-wai-evaltf@w3.org>
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On agenda item #3 websites during development, do we want to factor the W3C WAI Authoring Tools work into the discussion?

Best, Tim Boland NIST

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From: Velleman, Eric [mailto:evelleman@bartimeus.nl] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2012 6:43 AM
To: public-wai-evaltf@w3.org
Subject: EvalTF Agenda Telco

Dear Eval TF,

The next teleconference is scheduled for Thursday 6 December 2012 at:
  * 15:00 to 16:00 UTC
  * 15:00 to 16:00 UK Time
  * 16:00 to 17:00 Central European Time (time we use as reference)
  * 10:00 to 11:00 North American Eastern Time (ET)
  * 07:00 to 08:00 North American Pacific Time (PT)
  * 23:00 to 24:00 Western Australia Time

Please check the World Clock Meeting Planner to find out the precise date for your own time zone:
  - <http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html>

The teleconference information is: (Passcode 3825 - "EVAL")
  * +1.617.761.6200
  * SIP / VoIP -http://www.w3.org/2006/tools/wiki/Zakim-SIP

We also use IRC to support the meeting: (http://irc.w3.org)
  * IRC server: irc.w3.org
  * port: 6665
  * channel: #eval


#1. Welcome, Scribe

#2. Updated Disposition of Comments
(Note: link to updated version will follow in the mail soon) Following the past discussion, survey and telco, there are now comments awaiting approval from EvalTF. They are marked in the DoC as "Please Review". I added links to the survey evaltfq5 and if necessary to our discussion of last week. Please let me know if you have any objections.

#3. Extending the Scope to include websites during development Please join into the discussion we started about this on the list:

#4. Extending the scope to make exclusions possible Please join into the discussion started about this on the list:
This discussion is in some way closely related to the discussion in agenda item #3. We should discuss also if we want to combine them.

#5. Other issues
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