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Re: ERT WG: Agenda for teleconference on Wednesday 20 February 2013

From: Shadi Abou-Zahra <shadi@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 17:38:58 +0100
Message-ID: <5124FC22.8070109@w3.org>
To: samuelm@dit.upm.es
CC: ERT WG <public-wai-ert@w3.org>
Hi Samuel,

Thanks for the useful feedback.

The issue that was raised is that it is difficult to define what a 
"software analyst" is, since this may not be as formally assigned in 
different tool development processes. It seems a little fuzzy.

Having said that, I think this is probably the level of detail that we'd 
want to address in the document.

Maybe a way around that is to try to provide a description for this role 
rather than to use a title (like "software analyst") to define it. Any 
suggestions on such a description?


On 20.2.2013 16:39, samuelm@dit.upm.es wrote:
> My apologies for not being able to join. Had an impromptu meeting at that
> time. I have read the minutes (for now just the IRC logs) and tried to
> catch up on the outcomes.
> Regarding AERT, I note there has been much deliberation on who will be the
> audience of the document, taking into account not only the potential
> utility of the document, but also the resources available to the WG.
> Following, you may find my opinion on the different alternatives that have
> been posed:
> a) End developers: understanding developers as "coders", I would not be
> quite keen on this choice. End developers would need a great deal of
> detail in the specification of what the tool must do, up to a point that
> would interfere with implementation details. There have been some efforts
> to define canonical testing techniques (such as UWEM Tests [1], by the
> way, is any of you aware of the current progress of UWEM 2.0?). However,
> IMHO doing that for the whole WCAG2.0 would be quite beyond the group
> scope. Moreover, even that would not account for many other requirements
> (regarding e.g. presentation of results, reporting, selection of
> resources, etc.)
> b) Procurers and/or end-users: as it has already been pointed out, there
> is another document by EOWG specifying how web accessibility evaluation
> tools can be chosen.
> c) Managers: I would go for that option. Indeed, I would personally prefer
> software analysts / software engineers, or even software project leaders,
> who are in a position of drawing the details of a tool from a set of, more
> or less generic requirements. The can provide judgments and take decisions
> on which functions are going to be implemented by their tools, and how the
> required functionalities will map to specific user metaphors, etc. That
> said, it may be the case that the roles of software analyst and software
> develop coalesce into the same person, but it might not be always the
> case.
> I hope this can be useful to provide my input regarding today's topics; as
> I could not make it to the conference.
> Regards,
> Samuel.
> [1] UWEM 1.2 Tests <http://www.wabcluster.org/uwem1_2/UWEM_1_2_TESTS.pdf>
>> ERT WG,
>> The next teleconference is scheduled for Wednesday 20 February 2013 at:
>>    * 14:30 to 15:30 Central European Time (CET)
>>    * 08:30 to 09:30 North American Eastern Time (ET)
>>    * 05:30 to 06:30 North American Pacific Time (PT)
>> Please check the World Clock Meeting Planner to find out the precise
>> date for your own time zone:
>>    - <http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html>
>> The teleconference information is: (Passcode 3794 - "ERWG")
>>    * +1.617.761.6200
>>    * SIP / VoIP - http://www.w3.org/2006/tools/wiki/Zakim-SIP
>> We also use IRC to support the meeting: (http://irc.w3.org)
>>    * IRC server: irc.w3.org
>>    * port: 6665
>>    * channel: #er
>> #1. Welcome
>> #2. Approval of WCAG-EM publication as updated Working Draft
>>    - http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-ert/2013Feb/0016
>> #3. Continued discussion on requirements for AERT
>>    - http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/WD-AERT/ED-requirements20130211
>> #4. Next Meeting
>> Regards,
>>     Shadi
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Shadi Abou-Zahra - http://www.w3.org/People/shadi/
Activity Lead, W3C/WAI International Program Office
Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group (ERT WG)
Research and Development Working Group (RDWG)
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