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HTTP Entity issue

From: Shadi Abou-Zahra <shadi@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 06:22:47 +0200
Message-ID: <4D915E97.5050306@w3.org>
To: ERT WG <public-wai-ert@w3.org>
Dear Group,

Ref: <http://www.w3.org/2011/03/23-er-minutes.html#action04>

In response to action item 117 on resolving the comment on HTTP Entity 
raised by Jonathan Reese:

Basically the issue is that Jonathan wants a conceptual modeling of 
HTTP, while this is out of the scope of this particular spec. So, to 
address his comment with minimal changes to the spec, Johannes Koch 
proposes to provide sub-classes of the MessageHeader class:
  - <http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-ert/2010Mar/0007.html>

This would allow someone to represent an Entity by using the generic 
Message class and the appropriate headings, as per section 4.1 Message 
Types of RFC 2616:
  - <http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2616.txt>

The specific changes to the spec [1] would therefore be:
  - create new "GeneralHeader", "RequestHeader", "ResponseHeader", and 
"EntityHeader", that are sub-classes of "MessageHeader"

The specific changes to the http-headers RDF [2] would therefore be:
  - add a description for each header type
  - add an rdf:type to relate each HeaderName to a header type

[1] <http://www.w3.org/TR/2009/WD-HTTP-in-RDF10-20091029/>
[2] <http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/HTTP/http-headers.rdf>

Here is an example of how the added RDF to http-headers.rdf:

<rdf:Description rdf:about="GeneralHeaders">
   <dc:title xml:lang="en">General Headers</dc:title>

<http:HeaderName rdf:about="#accept">
   <dc:title xml:lang="en">Accept</dc:title>
   <dc:description xml:lang="en">The Accept header</dc:description>
   <rdf:type rdf:resource="RequestHeaders"/>

Please review this carefully and feel free to respond with any comments 
and questions before next weeks' call, so that we can make a decision.


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