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[HTTP-in-RDF] http:asterisk

From: Johannes Koch <johannes.koch@fit.fraunhofer.de>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 13:43:38 +0100
Message-ID: <45E578FA.6080209@fit.fraunhofer.de>
To: ERT group <public-wai-ert@w3.org>

Hi group,

according to HTTP 1.1 section 5.1.2

   Request-URI    = "*" | absoluteURI | abs_path | authority

we decided to use four sub-properties for the requestURI property:
* asterisk,
* absoluteURI,
* abs_path, and
* authority

When I use

<http:OptionsRequest rdf:ID="req">

this looks a bit weird to me. In RDF terms it means:

   the OptionsRequest "req" has an asterisk (empty Literal).

Or are we required to add "*"?


What happens if someone puts in a different Literal?

Or should we drop the asterisk property and just use requestURI?

Johannes Koch
BIKA Web Compliance Center - Fraunhofer FIT
Schloss Birlinghoven, D-53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany
Phone: +49-2241-142628    Fax: +49-2241-142065
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